YOU. He admits that Iggy Azalea's upgrade was a "mistake"

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You could say T.I. he was ahead of the curve in finding and promoting a female rapper during one of the leanest years in hip-hop gender equality.

Unfortunately, that curve threw the king of the south into a curve in the form of Mouth from the south—if the "South" was "Down Under"-problematic rapper Iggy Azalea.

"I'm still actively looking for another female rapper who can undo the mistake of Iggy Azalea," admitted the honor of Grand Hustle Records. "This is the core of my legacy regarding (being) a (musical) executive. For me, it's like when Michael Jordan went to play baseball. "

And sports fans know how it turned out.

Say that Iggy Azalea, the leading female rapper associated with T.I., did not reveal how he hoped it was a euphemism. More recently, Azalea grew up in Australia, which she miraculously raped as if she had been raised in the South all her life, she was still trying Twitter to denigrate Lizzo discreetly. Obviously, the rapper cannot be forgotten Azealia Banks"Colossal fury on Twitter against Azalea and the insertion of T.I. in the fray. Today, rapper Bankhead looks back at that time with regret.

But to you. it bounced back and, for him, to attend the epic inauguration of Tyler Perry Studios this week was a confirmation. "I did a bit of shit just to be here," he shared. "I'm my toughest critic and I'm always a little hard on myself for the times I got the game by eating the palms and messed around, but it was a clear representation that if I had made a casino, I wouldn't have been in that fucking room. "

YOU. was in a confessional and grateful mood while talking about his latest television program, Rhythm + Flow, on Netflix from The Gathering Spot, a private club owned by blacks in Atlanta. The show, which hosts along with Chance the Rapper and Cardi B, is the first of a hip-hop and unusual competition for Netflix, which baffles the episodes of the show instead of making them abused. While the trio seeks out the best rappers to compete in LA, they can also show their respective cities. In Los Angeles, where the final showdown takes place, even the late great Nipsey Hussle lent a hand. Other rappers like Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Quavo, Big Boi, Snoop, Twista and Royce Da 5’9 also weigh.

One of the most distinctive aspects of this hip-hop contest is the number of female competitors. For T.I., this is just a reflection of where hip-hop is located right now. "There's a lot of silly female talent right now in the industry. There are many stupid female talents out there trying to get into the business," he explained. "So I think (the show is) a fair representation."

Asked about his attempts to work with female rappers, in particular Xtaci, a duo from Down South in the vein of Salt-N-Pepa, T.I. shared that many things stand in the way. While he cited "boyfriends" as a contributing factor, he also said that "sometimes people grow up and discover that perhaps their time, effort and attention would be better applied elsewhere but, right now, we have Tokyo Jetz ". Jacksonville, Florida, a native known for "No Problems", reportedly is pregnant with his first child.

Netflix began streaming the first four episodes of Rhythm + Flow on Wednesday 9 October and will release episodes 5-7, 16 October and the final episodes 8-10, 23 October.

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