Will Smith shares the "wild" advice he would give to his younger self

Will Smith earned the nickname "Mr. July" for starring in 1996 Independence Day and 1997 Men in black, both very funny movies released around July 4th. After taking the holiday weekend in 1998 (Enemy of the State was released in November), Mr. July is back the following year with Wild Wild Westand that was the end of his 4th July rule. The steampunk-western comedy (yikes) made money, but not as much as ID4 or MIB, and the reviews were brutal. Even Smith, who apologized for inducing his fans to see him, has regrets for playing James West.

During the Tuesday episode The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Smith was asked to appoint a council that would give himself younger, a nod to his next film Men's Cufflinks, where he plays a hitman who is targeted by a younger version of himself. "Hey man, don't do Wild Wild West," he replied. "I would say," Friend, do Neo ", because they offered me The matrix. "Indicates the groans of the public. "How do you think I feel?"

Smith rejected the lead role in The matrix because it is a "concept that is difficult to tune (and enter) into the field, I just haven't seen it … (C & # 39; is a thin line in an intonation encounter between genius and what I experienced in the # 39; meeting. "Everything worked well, however. Smith is still one of the greatest movie stars in the world and The matrix (and its sequels, including The Matrix 4) earned Keanu Reeves and the Wachowskis a lot of money.

Furthermore, the wicki-wicki-wild entered the lexicon.

Men's Cufflinks opens October 11th.

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