WikiLeaks: Assange’s partner tweets to Tump, invokes grace – Last Hour

(ANSA) – LONDON, NOV 26 – The partner of Julian Assange, mother of two children conceived during the years spent as a refugee by the founder of WikiLeaks at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, today sent a tweet to Donald Trump for to seek pardon of the Australian activist, who is in the British prison of Belmarsh awaiting trial on the controversial extradition request presented by the US authorities. In the tweet, to which is attached a photo portraying the couple’s two children, Max and Gabriel, Stella Moris, a South African lawyer specializing in human rights and former legal advisor to Assange, has invoked for the first time in public a hypothetical provision of clemency for the 48-year-old Australian.

“These are Julian’s children, Max and Gabriel. They need their father. Our family needs to be reunited. I beg them, bring him home for Christmas,” the woman wrote to the outgoing president, who on Thanksgiving. he granted presidential pardon to Michael Flynn, former national security adviser, convicted in his time for alleged lies told to the FBI in the investigation of the so-called Russiagate on his relations with Serghiei Kisliak, former ambassador of Moscow to Washington.

Assange has been pursued by the US for years, the subject of a hunt carried out by both Republican and Democratic administrations since WikiLeaks spread – with the collaboration of prestigious international newspapers – mountains of embarrassing confidential documents filtered from overseas archives and related among other things to war crimes committed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The first British verdict on his extradition is expected in early January and the general expectation is that the judicial and political authorities in London will eventually bow to the great American ally. (HANDLE).


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