"Weird Obsession" by Rachael Ray with this host show for children

Food Network host Rachael Ray is one of the most famous celebrity chefs. The public connects with her, as evidenced by the boom in cooking programs focused on her over the years $ 40 a-day, Rachael Ray's week in a day, Cook-Off for children by Rachael Ray, The tasty travels of Rachael Rayand more.

Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray | Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images for Rachael Ray

Ray was also once a big fan of another television host, a children's conductor for accuracy. He expressed a "strange obsession" for this person. Find out who Ray's explanation is for his general interest.

"Rachael Ray 50" has memories and recipes behind it

Ray's new cookbook, Rachael Ray 50 it's his look back over the past fifty years, to people, places and, of course, to recipes that have meant more. This week he talked to The View about the memoir / cookbook and what it meant to get his thoughts on paper.

Rachael Ray | EALEX Photo / Getty Images for SXSW

"They are all these funny episodes of my life. I write about Italy. I write about being the most embarrassing celebrity in the world", he laughs. "But in the end, it's supposed to be kind of a big hug and a celebration of if you work hard and you're grateful – and make some good cheese – good things can happen."

He brought some goodies for The sight guests during his visit, including his S & Mack Burger, his interpretation of McDonald's Big Mac and a Tuscan-style roast.

Have a look at some of the recipes in Ray's new book

There are over 120 new recipes in the new TV character book, but some that Ray has shared so far for a first look are the Cesare Tahini salad, Bucatini Carbonara, eggplant steaks with tomato sauce, Bolognese sauce with noodles, zucchini risotto and much more.

The Meals for 30 minutes presenter recently told the Boston Globe why she chose to celebrate her 50th birthday with a new book.

"Birthdays have always made me a little uncomfortable because I feel much more at ease from the other side of a party. I think [my family] are people who are more comfortable in using one of the other than what we are not noticed or at the center of any kind of attention or spotlight ".

"It's ironic because I do TV shows," he said, "but nothing makes me more uncomfortable about the moments when you put on a rug or people are giving you too much attention."

The guest of the children's show that Ray was obsessed with

The child cook recently opened her new book in Newsweek and Ray shared her one "strange obsession" with the beloved show's host, Fred Rogers.

"She is one of the people I admire most in the universe … When I was a child, I loved watching Charlie Chan movies or the mysteries of murder … But when I entered my teenage years, I developed a strange obsession with the children's programs and I looked at "Mister Rogers & Neighborhood" as a young man because his message was so beautiful. "

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