Valeria sharply responded to criticism of the granddaughter’s name. The girl was named Celine

Arseny and Liana Shulgin with their daughter Celine

On the first day of this year, the singer’s 22-year-old son Valeria Arseny Shulgin and his 23-year-old wife Liana became parents – the couple had a daughter. Valeria herself admitted that she cried with joy, and was incredibly happy.

Within a few days, the details of the baby’s birth appeared. It turned out that Arseny was present at the birth: he even shared photos and videos of the process on social networks. The couple called their daughter an unusual name – Celine. However, the famous singer (Celine Dion) has nothing to do with it: the wife named her daughter, simply by combining parts of their names together.

Liana and Arseny Shulgin with their daughter Celine
Liana and Arseny Shulgin with their daughter Celine

And although the tendency to call children unusual names has not surprised anyone for a long time, the conservative public still cannot come to terms with this fashion. So, Valeria’s subscribers criticized the name that Arseny and Liana gave to their daughter.

The name for the granddaughter was given a terrible!

Why such a strange name? Shulgina Selina Arsenyevna – somehow sounds strange. Probably, all the same, the name should be Russian for such a patronymic.

What a stupid name Celine is?

Where have Russian names gone in Russia?

– write Valeria in the comments.

Arseny and Liana Shulgin with their daughter Celine

It is worth noting that the singer was very restrained in responding to criticism, but at some point her patience still snapped.

I am surprised when they advise which jacket to wear, but this is just beyond the bounds. Don’t you think?

– she was indignant.

Joseph Prigogine, Valeria, Arseny and Liana Shulgin

Arseny and Liana got married last year after just a few months of dating. Liana married her lover when she was pregnant, although she did not advertise it for a long time. Valeria herself denied the news that she would soon become a grandmother.

About the imminent addition to the Shulgina family reported only in October, sharing pictures from the photo shoot.

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