Trump pardons ex-advisor Flynn who confessed to lying to FBI | NOW

US President Donald Trump has pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Trump let that know via Twitter. Flynn has been in jail since he confessed to lying to the FBI Federal Police in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. He twice admitted under oath that he lied to the FBI.

Trump writes on Twitter that it is “a great honor” for him to pardon Flynn. He congratulates the former security adviser and his family. “I know you will have a really great Thanksgiving now,” Trump said.

In 2017, Flynn confessed to lying to the FBI about his contacts with then-Russian ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak. Since then he has tried to retract his confession of guilt. He claims that prosecutors violated his rights and framed him by confessing to him in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Trump previously used his presidential authority to pardon employee Roger Stone. Stone was convicted of making false statements to a Congressional committee and of attempting to influence a witness.

The Democrats were critical of the pardon decision. MP Jerry Nadler calls it “undeserved, unprincipled, and another blot on President Trump’s rapidly fading legacy.” “Donald Trump has abused his pardon power to reward his friends and political allies and protect those who lie to save him,” said MP Adam Schiff, who was instrumental in the impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Judge was not allowed to further investigate Flynn’s case

Last May, the US Department of Justice decided to drop the charges against Flynn. The ministry then asked a federal judge to stop the lawsuit. As the judge continued his investigation, Flynn went to the Columbia District Court, which ordered the judge to stop in June.

The Department found that there is no strong case against Flynn because it cannot be proven that he intentionally lied to the FBI. Nor would there have been any valid reason for federal police to question Flynn.

Flynn was Trump’s first national security adviser.


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