Top Tearjerker Movies | List of the best Tear Jerker movies

Some classic, popular movies are classified as teardrops, but would all the sad, depressing films make the most masculine men cry? No but this Depressive films can do the trick. Which films make men cry? This list includes some of the best movies ever, including depressing movies about lost love stories, broken hearts, dying dads, dying friends, dying dogs … a whole lot of dying people. In other emotional films on this list, men may shed tears of joy in scenes of reunion, determination, redemption, or learning to let go.

Great films have the ability to bring audiences from the theaters (or their homes) to other places and eras other than we know them. The best movies let us forget about our daily worries and escape to new worlds where new, unimaginable dreams can come true.

This interactive Ultimate List contains epics like The soldier James RyanLike comedies my girland even like some animated teardrops Above and Wall-E, Other classics like Old Yeller and the uplifting sports history Rudy complete the list. Admit it – some of it has made you a little foggy, even if you have blamed someone who cuts onions nearby. Vote on the films with the saddest, most heartbreaking and tearful scenes that can make even the most manly warrior of a man scream.

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