These techno masks will protect you from the Covid-19 and allow you to exercise

One of the recommended measures to be safe from virus that cause the Covid-19 is to use a mouth covers. But, not everyone has the ability to isolate the particles and those who are, are not apt to do exercise. That is why Reebok is designing special models equipped with technology.

Those who like to run or ride a bike, even before the pandemic, had already faced the problem that a mask common can hinder your breathing during the activity and, although there are some special ones to do exercise, You are not filter the particles of the Covid-19. The solution then lies in the technology.

The Reebok brand announced that it is working on the development of fitness masks they don’t interfere with the performance but they keep athletes far from particles They are dangerous in the atmosphere and will also record information about the user’s oxygen levels and other elements.

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While the face masks They are still in the early stages of design, the company points out that they are a sample of what the future of the exercise. “What if we could create a mask that people not only have to use, but really want to use? “said Don Albert, head of the European Innovation Laboratory at Reebok.

The proposals

One of the prototypes that are in development has a clear screen around the mouth, this because Reebok has found that people see the sport as a social endeavor and therefore they like to be able to express their emotions and also see the faces of others, which, with a mouth covers common is not possible.

This mask, the company points out, filters particles but it also allows the user to communicate with those around him. In addition, it is equipped with sensors that track the user’s heart rate and respiratory rate, which would be captured in a application.

Another design would be intended to cover the entire face. It would include a kind of cap and a respirator to offer complete coverage with the intention that it can be used in risky places, for example where there are dangerous chemicals.


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Due to its characteristics, this model could also offer the largest amount of data since it will have sensors in all areas of the face and head. And, he points out Reebok, you could adjust the conditions within the mask, from temperature to oxygen levels.

There is a last model considered as the most ambitious because it will have a respirator embedded with organic matter, such as algae or moss, which would purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen.

It’s still hard to know if you’re face masks equipped with technology indeed they will develop on a large scale. However, taking into account that in cities with high degrees of pollution, those who carry out exercise outdoors already looking for and using options, Reebok could make them come true.


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