The new children's book follows five children chosen to become leaders in their village

WILLS POINT, Texas, 20 September 2019 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – A village that relies on the magic of a nearby castle looks to five children who will be chosen as new leaders in the new fable "The land of Phasinanie" (published by Lulu) of Michele Renee Fecteau.

With the village elders approaching the end of their guide, the village's eyes fall on five children who will be advised by the elders to take their place. However, people no longer believe in the magic that surrounds them, which results in difficulties for the five chosen children. The book follows the adventures that the five children face to find their role as new leaders. Children learn to work together on their adventures even if they take time.

Fecteau hopes his readers will take away "that life is a joy, that we can work together and never give up the magic that surrounds us". His book is available for purchase on Amazon at

"The land of Phasinanie"
Of Michele Renee Fecteau
Paperback | 6 x 9 inches | 96 pages | ISBN 9781684705115
E-book | 96 pages | ISBN 9781684705108
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Michele Renee Fecteau is the mother of five wonderful children ranging from 17 to 27 years old. In 2008, he married his soul mate, Vince, and with his encouragement he followed his dream of writing. Stories have always been in his heart and in his mind and Michele is now able to share them with others. Despite being dyslexic, she has learned that, regardless of obstacles, you should always go for your dreams. He has a love for painting, reading, hiking, yoga and the oven and currently lives Otto, North Carolina. He published another book called "La gioia di me".


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