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Disney and Sony surprised fans a few weeks ago by announcing a new Spider-Man deal that brings the beloved hero back to the MCU. Furthermore, Marvel has confirmed the launch date of Spider-Man 3, positioning the film towards the end of the Phase 4 MCU, which will end at the end of 2021. We already know some of the titles foreseen for Phase 5, including Black panther 2 which has a new release date Lama remake, Captain Marvel 2, as well as the stories of the Fantastic Four and the mutants. Guardians 3 it will probably also be part of Phase 5, as Marvel has to wait for James Gunn to finish his DC superhero project before he can return to the franchise he directed for Marvel. And, who knows, a Avengers 5 the crossover could also be included in Phase 5, but for the moment it is just a speculation. However, an insider states that we will indeed have a new hero in phase 5, a beloved hero that some fans expected to see in End of the game at the beginning of this year.

This is Nova, of course, with Cosmic MCU Jeremy Conrad states that the hero is "ready for his MCU debut". In May, Conrad said the development on Nova had started at Marvel, but now he has a "better idea" than what's happening:

According to very reliable sources, Nova seems to be one of the great characters expected for the Phase 5 debut along with Blade, The Fantastic Four and The Mutants. And from the sound of things and how it was being developed for a while, it could be relatively early even in Phase 5.

Marvel already has three dates for the premiere of the film set for 2022, which will be the first year of Phase 5. Black panther 2 will be released on May 6, with two more MCU films premiered in February and July. Marvel will tell us more about those given in 2021, once it approaches the end of Stage 4.

It is not clear whether Nova is getting a type of film of complete origin or whether it will be presented by other means in another hero's film. After all, Marvel will get the most out of Disney +, using the streaming service to tell additional MCU stories and introduce other characters that will then be included in MCU movies along the way.

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