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The muralists Cecilia Ibarguren and Paca Robirosa intervened in a motor home that will tour schools on Route 40. Look at the process of their latest work

With the pandemic, mobile homes, road stories and emotions were revalued. And of course !: customize them and give them a personal touch it begins to be part of the journey, the process, the fantasy.

The muralists Cecilia Ibarguren and Paca Robirosa they spent the last three days of the last weekend intervening in the Joanna Travesaro, who has a great project ahead of her: tour different schools on Route 40 carrying food and school supplies.

The muralists
Paca Robirosa painting,

He has not left yet, but the rolling trailer is now ready in the garden of his house, in Vicente Casares, in the middle of the countryside surrounded by lavender plants. He uses it as another room when visitors come and takes advantage of it as a different space.

Travesaro wanted the drawing to be related to nature and the artists were amused by the idea of ​​thinking about how people would appreciate the mural from the road.

The muralists
The huge flowers have the recognized style of the artists.

In the mural you can see herons, flowers and a lot of vegetation, as if there were no limits with the outside.

The creative duo of Cecilia Ibarguren and Paca Robirosa He has been painting murals on the walls of the house, premises, galleries and patios for several years. Just go through your IG @robirosaibarguren to discover his latest commissions on genres and department stores.

The muralists
The motorhome in the middle of the field.

They participated in Casa FOA and in Estilo Pilar. Last year they took care to create for You a thematic mural for the Cirque du Soleil welcome space.

How to paint an RV

The process is always always different.

The muralists
The tuning job on the motorhome took three days of work.

“First, a preliminary sketch is put together with the client and once it is defined, the scale painting begins,” says Paca.

In the case of mobile homes, it works with oil-based paint to withstand inclement weather and the sun don’t ruin the colors.

The muralists
Herons, flowers and plants star in the mural ready to hit the road.

As if it were a large canvas on nature eager to hit the road.




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