The 22 most sophisticated horror movies of all time

When a smart horror movie is released, fans of the genre often judge it by their level of aspiration. Like movies The silence of the Lambs and Go out are widely recognized as successful works of art – although this does not prevent some viewers from criticizing their storytelling or even denying it as part of the horror genre. The final value of a work of art is of course subjective. However, people still ask, "Is that really good or is it pretentious?"

There is general consensus among horror fans that filmmakers like Lars von Trier – although he has a dedicated fan base – mostly produce a movie that catches the eye. And although every item on this list has attracted enough attention to assume it's worth something, the horror fans on the internet have agreed that these films are among the most sophisticated films of all time.

When voting, consider whether these films are groundbreaking or just striking, what it means to be presumptuous – and whether these films make a valuable contribution to the genre.

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