The 20 Worst Ways Film Directors Make Actor Cry in Front of the Camera


Stanley Kubrick has broken Shelley Duvall for Real

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It's common knowledge that Kubrick hit Duvall hard during his 13-month shoot The lights, Kubrick performed Duvall 127 when he hit co-star Jack Nicholson on the head with a baseball bat and set a record for the most repetitions of a single movie scene with spoken dialogues – and that's not all he's done.

In order to provoke fear and hysteria in Duvall, Kubrick treated her with open hostility to the cast and the crew. He never let up and brought the actress to the brink of madness. Even Nicholson was horrified. "Jack Nicholson's character had to be crazy and angry all the time, and in my character I had to cry for 12 hours a day, all day, the last nine months in a row, five or six days a week … After all the English: emagazine In the work, hardly anyone has criticized, let alone mentioned, my performance Rolling Stone,

When Duvall showed up Dr. Phil In 2016, she said that she believed Robin Williams was still alive and a shapeshifter that had a "spinal disc" implanted in her leg and that the Sheriff of Nottingham was after her.

Is that annoying?

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