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All events are free unless otherwise specified.

Reading to a Dog – Kirk-Bear Canyon Public Library, 8959 E. Tanque Verde Road. Children practice reading to serve dogs. 18-19 Monday. 594-5275.

Toddler Storytime – Kirk-Bear Canyon Public Library. Listen to stories, sing songs and play learning games. For children aged 18 to 36 months. 10: 15-10: 45 Tuesday and Wednesday. 594-5275.

PreSchool Storytime – Kirk-Bear Canyon Public Library. Listen to stories, sing songs and play learning games. Designed for ages 3-5. 11: 15-11: 45 Tuesday and Wednesday. 594-5275.

Sale of autumn books – Pima Community College Downtown Campus, 1255 N. Stone Ave., Room of the amethysts. $ 1 for hard cover and $ 2 hard cover. We only accept cash. 13-19 October 8; 09: 00-18: 00 9 October; 09: 00-13: 00 10 October 206-7267.

Babytime Storytime and Playgroup – Eckstrom-Columbus Public Library, 4350 E. 22nd St. Storytime lasts about 20 minutes, so stay for a game group where children can play with fun toys and meet other parents / caregivers. For children up to 18 months. 14:00 October 8th. 594-5285.

Storytime for Babies – Murphy-Wilmot Public Library, 530 N. Wilmot Road. Stories with music and songs. Children up to 18 months with caregivers. 10: 30-11: 15 Wednesday. 594-5420.

Toddler Storytme and Playgroup – Eckstrom Columbus Public Library. Parents / caregivers and children interact through stories, songs and rhymes. Storytime followed by an interactive gaming experience. Children from 18 to 36 months. 10: 30-11: 30 Wednesday. 594-5285.

Babytime – Kirk-Bear Canyon Public Library. Stories are short and children like to move with music. Children up to 18 months. 15: 15: 30 Wednesday. 594-5275.

Bilingual Babytime / Hora de Cuentos Bilingües para Bebés – Murphy-Wilmot Public Library. Presented in Spanish and English, for children up to 18 months. It's a learning experience for bilingual and monolingual children listening to stories, singing songs and having fun. 9: 30-10: 15 Thursday. 594-5420.

Bilingual Storytime for Families – Murphy-Wilmot Public Library. Stories and trades. From 18 months to 5 years, but the whole family is welcome. Spanish and English. 10: 30-11: 15 Thursday. 594-5420.

Preschool Storytime – Public Library Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr., 7800 N. Schisler Drive. For 3-5 years with a parent or caregiver. 10: 30-11: 15 Thursday. 594-5200.

Preschool Storytime – Eckstrom-Columbus Public Library. Read stories, sing songs and have fun craft activities. 3-5 years with an accompanying adult. 10: 30-11: 30 October. 594-5285.

Read for a dog – Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Public Library. Children read an authorized therapeutic dog in a low-stress environment to gain practice and safety. 17-18 Thursday. 594-5200.

Sabino Story Time – Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, 5700 N. Sabino Canyon Road. Storybooks, games, songs and activities related to a theme of the week. Preschoolers and their brothers. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 10-11 Friday. 749-8700.

Preschool Storytime – Murphy-Wilmot Public Library. Read stories, activities and sing songs. 3-5 years with an adult. 10: 30-11: 15 Friday. 594-5420.


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