Social media users affect the corn falcon & # 39; by Adam Levine

People have spoken and do not hear Adam Levine's "corn falcon".

a close-up of a man: Adam Levine debuted a new hairstyle that he calls the

© @adamlevine
Adam Levine made his debut with a new hairstyle he calls

The Maroon 5 frontman has steadily intensified his "do" ever since he debuted on Mohawk in "The Voice" in April. Last week, he revealed that he gave him a clean, deep shave on the sides of his head, bleached the top of his blonde locks and put them in three braids along his head. He completed it all with a rat's tail hanging from the back of his neck.

So he showed the products on his Instagram story, subtitling a corn hawk selfie.

The results – a decidedly less gangster version of James Franco's "Spring Breakers" character – have been greeted with reactions on social media ranging from concern ("Adam Levine … .. everything's fine at home ????? ???? ????? "asked a Twitter user, through the New York Post) to taunt (" Adam Levine putting hair in his hair screams of despair ", another commented).

In the "interested" category, some users solicited Adam, "look at your life and then look at your choices", while others have suggested that there was a slight break in the works.

"I think Adam Levine is going through a half-life crisis. Okay Adam, I keep trying to make bangs work," a joker tweeted.

As for the mocking side, there was at least a link between Adam Coif and a certain former president of the secretly white NAACP chapter who spent years telling colleagues and colleagues that he was black ("I understand that Rachel Dolezal is looking for the Love – game made in wannabe-heaven ", read a tweet).

A lot of accusations about cultural appropriation have also emerged on social media, with users who have published comments like "Listen, I'm all about your personal style and what you're doing". But someone please tell Adam Levine that white dreadlocks are NEVER OK. "

Adam Levine wears jacket and tie sitting in the car: Adam Levine appears on April 16, 2019, episode of NBC

© Trae Patton / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Adam Levine appears on April 16, 2019, episode of NBC

Finally, the New York Post contacted Bradley Irion, who designed Laverne Cox and Sarah Michelle Gellar, among other stars, on Adam's new hair situation.

"It looks like he's trying to be something he is not," Bradley said on the tab.

Then he offered this overview: "Personally, I'm not looking for this fashionable look."

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