Six municipalities affected by isolated cases of dengue fever in Réunion

The Regional Health Agency takes stock of the dengue fever situation in Reunion Island as of November 24, 2020 (data from the Cire OI, Santé Publique France).

The arrival of the austral summer accompanied by climatic conditions more favorable to the development of mosquitoes raises fears of a new wave of epidemic in the coming months, in a context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The authorities recommend that the population be extremely vigilant and encourage the implementation of essential preventive measures to prevent the spread of dengue fever on the island: protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito bites, eliminate anything that may contain of water around his home and seek medical attention promptly if symptoms occur.

Since early 2020 (consolidated data):

Nearly 16,011 confirmed indigenous cases

779 hospitalizations

1,753 emergency visits

22 deaths (including 11 directly related to dengue)

Isolated cases have been reported in the following municipalities:
· The possession,

· St.Paul,

The Port,

· Saint Pierre,

The Oars,

· Saint-Benoit.

In order to contain the spread of the dengue virus on the island, the ARS vector control teams are continuing mosquito control interventions day and night, by applying barrier measures against the spread of covid-19 .


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