Selena Gomez proves lipstick isn’t dead

If some struggled during confinement, the wearing of the compulsory mask outside, and in all enclosed places, sounded the coup de grace. Proof of this is that the lipstick market has suffered a sharp fall since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. For Selena Gomez, it is high time to rehabilitate this cult product in our vanity. On the occasion of the promotion of her new Rare beauty products, the singer found her friend and make-up artist Hung Vanngo for a photo shoot. Together, they achieved a beauty look that fills us with joy (and hope)! On the program: a slightly warmed complexion, an impeccable brow lift, a discreet foxy-eyes but above all a red mouth. With a devastating selfie, Private Gomez intends to win this battle and we follow it without complaining.

2021 marks the return of lipstick

The year 2020 has changed everything in its path. Our daily life, our certainties, our beliefs and even our desires. We had to deal with this terrible pandemic that continues to rage. An unprecedented health crisis that made us give up what we thought we had acquired forever. No more warm hugs when leaving a nightclub, the kiss to say hello (finally!), Restaurant tables so close that you can follow the conversation next door, shovel rolling without fear. but also lipstick. As futile as it may sound, this cult product is sorely missed. To reassure us, more and more trendy girls are proudly displaying their red mouths on Instagram. As for beauty brands, innovations abound to offer long-lasting lipsticks that resist everything… even when wearing a mask. Hope is reborn!

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