Release date of season 4 of the Grand Tour, location of the shooting, special offers, format changes | Amazon Prime Video | Jeremy Clarkson prepares for the new era without a study tent

After signing a contract with Amazon for three seasons of The Grand Tour in 2015, we broke up and asked if Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond would return for a quarter.

We shouldn't have worried, with the show renewed for its fourth release even before the series three was aired.

However, the show will make some important format changes for the fourth season, with the beloved studio curtain now a thing of the past.

Here is a summary of season four of the Grand Tour …

When will season 4 of the Grand Tour be published on Amazon Prime Video?

Until now, no concrete aerial dates have been confirmed for the new episodes, but if it is to follow the release model of the previous three seasons, we can make a cultured hypothesis.

The first season made its debut in November 2016, with the second season following December 2017.

The third season hit the streaming service in January 2019, so we can assume we can expect to see the fourth season at the beginning of 2020.

However, this program may change due to changes in the format. Unlike most Amazon series on demand, traditionally The Grand Tour has been published weekly. Once again, it is still unclear whether this will remain the case for the fourth season.

Is this a trailer for The Grand Tour series 4?

Not yet: we will update this page as soon as the first video is released.

What are the format changes in the fourth season of the Grand Tour?

An emotional Clarkson told the audience in the finale of the third season that the current format, with a live studio audience in a curtained studio, will be demolished in favor of additional "adventure specials".

"So even if the tent is gone, the Grand Tour continues," Clarkson said.

Amazon will also support solo projects for the presenters of The Grand Tour, with May plunging into Our Man in Japan.

Clarkson previously told the Radio Times that he had no "plans" for what he will do beyond the Grand Tour, even though the star is already hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on ITV.

"I never ran out of ideas," the 59-year-old said. "Someone asked me, before this series," What can you possibly do with a car that you haven't already done? "But my head is full of sufficient ideas for five years," he said.

Where is the fourth season of the Grand Tour filmed?

The Grand Tour season three special Mongolia

Jeremy Clarkson told the public in the third season finale that he had been working for season four "for some time".

Reportedly, Clarkson, along with presenters Richard Hammond and James May, will begin shooting in June.

In an interview with the Sun, Clarkson confirmed that the locations for season four will include Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

The series will mimic the four specials we've seen the presenters take in series three, with executive producer Andy Wilman describing the Mongolian special of The Grand Tour as "the best episode" of the race.

Can I watch the Grand Tour if I don't have Amazon Prime?

The Grand Tour is an exclusive Amazon Prime Video, which means you have to be a Prime subscriber to watch.

However, if you don't already have Amazon Prime Video, you can register for a free 30-day trial where you can binge on the Grand Tour and more. Click on the links below for more details.

How to watch the Grand Tour online

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