Quarrel with the Juve manager? Andrea Pirlo founds a bank

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  • Andre OechsnerMonday, October 19, 2020 – 12:50 p.m.

Paulo Dybala’s season is definitely not going according to his understanding. Since he was not used in the last game in Juventus Turin, the attacker is said to have had a verbal clash with sports director Fabio Paratici after the game.

The 1-1 away game against the bottom of the table FC Crotone was a disappointing evening in many ways. Paulo Dybala once again waited in vain for his substitution. In the aftermath of the game there should have been an escalation.

According to a report in the TUTTOSPORT newspaper, there was a heated discussion in the player tunnel between Dybala and Fabio Paratici, who is the sports director at Juventus Turin. Accordingly, in an interview with the manager, Dybala had loudly expressed his displeasure regarding his renewed disregard.

Dybala has not yet played a single minute of play this season, he missed the season opener against Sampdoria Genoa due to injury. After it looked for a long time as if Dybala’s 2022-ending contract paper would be extended, talks about it are said to have been suspended.

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The negotiations are said to have been put on hold due to the high salary demand, among other things. Dybala wants to be funded with eleven million euros net in the future. Only Cristiano Ronaldo earns more (31 million euros net).

Paulo Dybala: A like creates a stir

Meanwhile, Dybala caused further dissatisfaction with a like on Twitter. Fabiana Della Valle from GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT had criticized the decision to take Dybala with her to Crotone and then not to change her on the short message service.

“I wonder what the point is in taking Dybala to Crotone if you don’t give him playing time,” wrote Della Valle. “If he wasn’t able to play, wouldn’t it have been more logical to let him train in Turin?” Dybala has since removed the like.

Andrea Pirlo justifies renouncing Dybala

Andrea Pirlo, however, justified the renouncement of the Argentine high-quality technician. “Dybala had gastrointestinal problems and is only just back. He only grained yesterday. It wasn’t the ideal game for him to get minutes,” the head coach told DAZN.


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