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In other parts of the world, April 20 of each year is a historically less stressed date than in Germany. And so Tesla enthusiasts struck when CEO Elon Musk announced a highly anticipated battery information day for April, immediately present this day as a specific date for it; in American 4/20 it stands for the price of $ 420 at which Musk Tesla allegedly wanted to take it off the stock exchange.

Tesla stories on Musk Day

Of the According to new information from the Tesla CEO, battery day will probably be delayed until May – but on April 20, fans on Twitter declared the “Elon Musk Day”, for which they taxed Tesla stories and thanked the CEO. And as luck would have it, something that was historically unprecedented did not happen directly at Tesla, but in a close thematic neighborhood: The price of crude oil on the futures market fell below $ 0 for the first time.

That there were many 4/20 people before that According to Musk, Tesla’s extremely ambitious battery plans wanted, is related to another meaning of the sequence of numbers. In the U.S. 420 is a code for marijuana use that is legal in, for example, the Tesla state of California. Nevertheless Musk briefly caused a sensation when he politely pulled on an offered joint in a video podcast. While critics interpreted this as drug abuse (which he relaxedly denies), the Tesla CEO made it even more popular with some fans.

But due to the corona virus crisis, the battery day has to wait, so fans of Tesla and Musk used the time that they apparently had reserved for Tesla on April 20, at least mentally. Under the hashtag #ElonMuskDay, they published hundreds of thoughts, images and videos on and with Tesla, CEO Musk, SpaceX and related topics. In the United States, the hashtag even made it into Twitter trends. Apparently, day and day arose spontaneously and then attracted more and more participants.


What was striking was how peaceful and positive it was. Tesla fans, or at least people with a tendency to train unlike other Tesla Twitter discussions to be able to stay largely among themselves, instead of arguments, pictures and experiences were exchanged.

Tesla fans peacefully among themselves

And it was exactly in this good mood that the very fitting message for a Musk Day came on Monday evening in German time, which was celebrated accordingly: the price for one Barrels of WTI crude oil on the US futures market had dropped to minus $ 37.63. So sellers for June offered buyers money to buy their oil – for the simple and worrying reason that there was a shortage of crude oil stocks in the U.S. due to lack of demand.

The extreme drop in oil prices on Monday was also due to technical factors and took place in an extremely weak environment due to the impending corona recession, which may well recover. But the more successful the Tesla CEO celebrated on the same day with his electric cars and solar energy generation and storage, the more normal oil prices could be, which may not be less than $ 0, but closer to what they are used to.

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