New state of emergency stirs up debates

It is a text which should generate a lot of outbursts in Parliament. In the Council of Ministers, Wednesday, January 13, the government adopted the – much contested – bill authorizing the extension of the state of health emergency until 1is June.

In response to emerging criticisms, Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson explains that the epidemic is forcing the executive “To make exceptional decisions, in order to limit the circulation of the virus and save lives”. He also recalls that the deputies and senators “Are closely associated with crisis management”.

“This text is heavy and serious”

Arguments that do not convince the opposition. Like Philippe Gosselin, LR deputy for La Manche. “This text is heavy and serious. Normally, the state of emergency must be voted for a short period. There, we create a state of exception, denying the checks and balances. “

An opinion shared by Senator LR de Vendée Bruno Retailleau. “This text establishes two regimes: the state of health emergency and the state of crisis. However, the latter is set up by the sole decision of the government, and not of Parliament. “

On the left, the Mayenne socialist Guillaume Garot said he was very reserved, too. He will subordinate his vote to the commitments of the executive “To listen to the oppositions, to accept our amendments”.

Positions that do not understand Florian Bachelier, LREM deputy for Ille-et-Vilaine. According to him, “You have to be totally disconnected or in bad faith to ask the question of the reality of the health emergency today”. For him, parliamentarians must be mobilized “In this fight against death. The rest is indecency. “ The debates promise to be muscular.


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