Minkes slaughtered in Denmark rise from the ditches where they were buried

Varies aim that were recently slaughtered in Denmark because of fears of a mutation in the coronavirus in these animals, they are emerging from the ditches where they were buried. This situation is due to the formation of gases during the process of decomposition of the carcasses of aim.

“As the bodies decompose, gases can form. This causes the carcasses to expand a little. Thus, in the most serious cases, aim can be propelled out of the ground, ”said Thomas Kristensen, a Danish police spokesman, speaking to state media DR.

“It is a natural process. Unfortunately, a meter of soil is not just a meter of soil – it depends on the type of soil we are talking about. The problem is that the sandy soil of the Jutlândia from the West is very light. So we had to put more land on top, ”he added Kristensen.

But there is another issue that is worrying the population of this Danish region. Some local media have revealed that the thousands of aim slaughtered may have been buried near lakes and Water undergroundâneas. Something that is generating fear of possible contamination of the soil and reserves of Water that is consumed by the populations.

“It seems that no one knows the consequences of this. I must admit that I think it is worrying, ”said Susan Münster, a person in charge of the state agency of Water, to Jyllands The mail. At least two mayors already demanded that the carcasses of aim are dug up and incinerated, noted Münster.

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