Mink crisis. Excited, Danish Prime Minister apologizes

Fhi with tears in my eyes that the Danish prime minister apologized for the way the crisis of the aim no country.

It is recalled that Denmark decided to slaughter millions of aim because of fears of a mutation in the coronavirus in these animals. Now, these are emerging from the ditches where they were buried, a situation that worries the population.

This Thursday, after a visit to a farm of aim, which lost its creation due to that government order, Puts Frederiksen acknowledged, in statements to journalists, that “mistakes were made”. “I think there are reasons to apologize for the process,” he said, according to a video released by a country channel.

“It is important to remember that the fault is not with the creators, it is with the Covid-19 “, said the prime minister, visibly moved.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Mogens Jensen, resigned last week, after weeks of controversy since the slaughter order was given. The Danish government recognized that it had no legal basis to enact this measure.

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