MCBA announces Jerome Book Arts Fellows

The Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) is pleased to announce the recipients of our fifteenth series of scholarships for the art of the book MCBA / Jerome Foundation:

• Austin Nash, engraving
• Shun Jie Yong, photography
• Team collaborator Sarah Evenson and Jade Herrick, illustration and recordings

Three jurors, reflecting different perspectives and competences, examined the 29 questions received to select the winners. They were: Tricia Heuring, director and curator of public officials and Studio 400 in Minneapolis; Aki Shibata, artist and winner of the MCBA / Jerome Book Arts Fellowship; and Keith Taylor, photographer and former winner of the MCBA / Jerome Book Arts Mentorship.

With the generous funding of the Jerome Foundation and the technical guidance of the MCBA, Fellowship recipients will develop new independent projects over the next year. The program culminates in a collective exhibition at the opening of the MCBA in November 2020.

"It was an amazing experience to have a long-term large-scale project to work on and the resources to do it," said Eric Gjerde, recipient of an MCBA / Jerome Fellowship in 2015-16. "Nothing helps motivate the art attention and inspiration more than a deadline, the charm of a public exhibition and the finances to give birth to work. This was my first time with such a big business and I have I learned a lot from the process – about myself as an artist, about streamlining workflows for large-scale projects and perfecting concepts for great efforts. I appreciate the experience I had and I'm incredibly grateful. "

Since 1985, MCBA has collaborated with the Jerome Foundation to help early career artists push the boundaries of contemporary book arts by supporting the creation of new works. Within the previous fourteen series of scholarships and seven series of tutoring, this program has served Minnesota artists of different disciplines, including typographers, paper makers, book binders, painters, sculptors, poets, photographers, choreographers, filmmakers and others. With projects ranging from exquisitely crafted fine print volumes and documented exhibits to one-of-a-kind installations, Minnesota's early career artists have created work that breaks the boundaries and redefines conventional notions of book form and content.

As the largest and most comprehensive center of its kind in the nation, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts celebrates the book as a vibrant form of contemporary art that takes many forms. From traditional paper-making, letterpress and hand-binding to experimental art and self-publishing techniques, MCBA supports the unlimited creative evolution of book arts through seminars and programming for adults, young people, families , K-12 students and teachers. MCBA is located in the Open Book building in downtown Minneapolis, next to partner organizations The Loft Literary Center and Milkweed Editions. To learn more, visit

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