Matt Roloff has just shown that he is still invested in Roloff Farms

It's hard to believe Small people, big world is already running for season 15 – and the fans are looking forward to seeing what happens next for Roloffs. As we know through social media, Jacob Roloff, who is no longer on the show, has just married. And both Tori and Audrey Roloff are waiting for their second children in the coming months. The real drama, however, exists with Matt and Amy Roloff. Last season, Amy decided to sell her half of the Roloff Farms to Matt, as the two still live on the same property after the divorce.

Amy is currently looking for a new home, but what is Matt's plan for the farm? He seems to be bringing fans to some conflicting conclusions, since he said he would like to leave the farm while he also bought new equipment for the property. Here's what he recently published.

Matt Roloff said he would like to sell Roloff Farms

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt and Amy Roloff | Thos Robinson / Getty Images for Discovery

Fans of LPBW I've seen all the drama surrounding Roloff Farms go down over the years. After Matt and Amy divorced years ago, Amy wasn't sure she wanted to leave the property and sell her half to Matt or keep the farm entirely. In the end he decided to sell his half for $ 667,000 – and since then he has been giving his fans updates on Instagram regarding his search for a new home.

As for Matt, his life situation also seems to be evolving. While he now owns all the Roloff Farms, he spends a lot of time in Surprise, Arizona, in his other home with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. And he also mentioned to a follower on Instagram that he would like to eliminate Roloff Farms altogether, as taking care of him as he gets older becomes increasingly difficult. "I would like Amy to buy her part of the farm and allow me to move to AZ full time. He is afraid of the death of work and the attention he would like [sic] ", he wrote in this post on Instagram.

Matt just bought brand new farm equipment

Despite Matt's claims that he wants to move away from Roloff Farms and sell the property, he continues to make adjustments. He recently had a large auction on farm ownership which required a great deal of preparation work and he also prepared the property for Jacob Roloff's wedding reception. Not only that, but he also cleaned the farm and let his nephew Jackson help the property.

As for Matt's recent post on the farm, he seems to be investing heavily in some new equipment. He has just released this video on Instagram that shows Jeremy that he helps bring out some agricultural machines from a huge truck. "The grandfather's idea of ​​a Christmas gift! New farm equipment!" Matt wrote the post. And the fans seemed to think this indicated that Matt would give up selling the farm for now. "I'm glad to see "You haven't sold the farm yet. I'd like to see you keep everything for those beautiful grandchildren," wrote a follower.

Are you preparing the farm for Jeremy Roloff?

If Matt sells the farm, the fans are praying that he will keep it in the family – and I am extremely confident that it is Jeremy Roloff who will take ownership of Roloff Farms. It seems that Matt's son has let the fans think that this was also a real possibility. Recent reports show that Jeremy and Audrey have registered a company called "The Roloff Company" at the address of the farm. And when a fan asked about the possibility that the couple would acquire Roloff Farms on this Instagram post, Jeremy commented: "It's absolutely an option!"

So, is Matt setting up the farm with new equipment so he can deliver it to the next generation of Roloffs? If Matt has no intention of staying on the property, this could be in the best interest of the family, since there is no doubt that the grandchildren love having the great property to explore. IS LPBW it wouldn't be the same without Roloff Farms. Maybe we'll have more updates when the new season of the show goes on!

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