Matt Damon claims to have rejected the main role of "Avatar", Paycheck

"Jim Cameron offered me Avatar " the Ford v Ferrari shared star in the interview. "And when he offered it to me, he says" Now listen. I don't need anyone. I don't need a name for this, a nominated actor. If you don't take it, I'll go find an unknown actor and give it to him, because the film doesn't really need you. But if you take the part, I'll give you 10 percent of … "he ended abruptly without completing the statement.

Cameron Avatar has continued to become the most grossed-out film of all time at the world box office after collecting 2.78 billion dollars, until the Disney and Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame he recently dethroned the photo, to which Cameron congratulated his studies and dubbed the film as the "new box office king".

"I told John Krasinski this story while we were writing Promised Land," Damon continued. "I tell him the story and he says" What? "And he gets up and starts walking in the kitchen". Damon recalls that Krasinski had told him if he had been hired Avatar, nothing in his life would have been different "except now, we would have had this conversation in space".

"So yes. I left more money on the table than any other actor," reiterated Damon. The actor also admitted that his biggest regret would have been to have caused a problem to Paul Greengrass and "all my friends on The Bourne Ultimatum".

"I couldn't do it – but Cameron told me during that conversation," Well, you know, I only did six movies. "I didn't realize it," Damon recalled.

The actor went on to explain that in passing the role offered by Cameron, he lost his "chance to work with him".

"It's crap and it's still brutal. But my kids are eating everyone. I'm fine," Damon said.

Australian actor Sam Worthington, who was eventually chosen as Avatarmain character, is coming back for the Avatar sequel, which will be released on December 17, 2021.

Ford v Ferrari, Damon's new film with Christian Bale, will arrive in theaters November 15th.

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