Lili Reinhart announces the release of the first book of poems "Swimming Lessons"

We have never seen this side of her – and we are excited to dive into it. Riverdale star Lili Reinhart he revealed that he will publish his first collection of poems and, needless to say, we were struck by the perspective of poetry from the actress. The 23-year-old explained the decision to publish a book, entitled Swimming lessons, on Instagram on October 9th.

"A year ago, I decided I wanted to share my poetry with the world," he explained. "It is frightening to reveal a part of me that I don't show often, but I like to consider this book more like a story than a confession of thought".

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Lili continued, taking note of her various sources of inspiration for the collection. "Unknown, songs, movies, fictional characters, love in various forms and, of course, my experiences have been my source of inspiration when creating Swimming lessons,"He revealed." This book means a lot to me and I am very grateful to finally be able to finally share it. The pre-order link is in my biography if you are so inclined. "

Needless to say, fans and followers poured into the comments section to share their compliments and best wishes for the sweet star. "(You are) really flourishing and I love it", one fan wrote, while another added, "I am so happy that you have decided to share your poems with the world. I do not see the time to read it ❤️"

One user even shared some kind words about what an incredible example the actress is for her fans. "You are so young and yet so talented and such a great model," they wrote. Too sweet!

The Hustlers the star also shared the wonderful cover for the upcoming book, created by Curt Montgomery, a famous tattoo artist from Toronto. "What a huge (honor) absolute it was to be part of this extraordinary collection of works of poetry by @lilireinhart", he wrote inkmaster in his post to commemorate the announcement. "Thank you for the trust and confidence in my work"

We are looking forward to seeing how Lili opens her heart to the world in this next collection of poems. We will not lie, we hope in at least one love poem for the boyfriend Cole Sprouse – fingers crossed!

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