John Turturro licks a new bowling ball in the all-Italian trailer for his movie on Jesus

For years we have been quietly watching the progress of John Turturro's spin-off film on Jesus Quintana, the dancer, bowling, the alleged eight-year-old who reveals himself to the rival of the league that briefly dominates the screen in the Brothers Coen The great Lebowski. Developed mainly by Turturro himself, with the guidance of the film's scriptwriters and directors, Jesus is a memorable character in a chock full movie them, rolling to the shackles of The Gypsy Kings, gracefully licking his bowling ball and emanating a kind of undeniable dirtbag style.

Turturro has spoken at least since 2011 of making a stand-alone film on The Jesus, having obtained permission from Joel and Ethan Coen – otherwise uninvolved – to let him enter his little shabby world. And while Jesus Rolls will not arrive in theaters in the United States until 2020, it will be released in Italy this week, which is why a trailer is currently available – it's just, you know, in Italian.

However, despite the excellent dubbing (God bless the poor actor who doesn't even bother trying to do a Christopher Walken) it is not difficult to put together at least some of the details of the film, especially since Turturro has said in the past that it is based on the controversial French film Places to visit"Once described by Roger Ebert as" the most misogynistic film I can remember. " Apparently Turtorro's film slot hhimself and Bobby Cannavale in the role of Bertrand Blier's petty chauvanistic criminals, joined by Audrey Tautou to complete "a trio of sexually depraved misfits". Since we don't speak Italian, we can't offer much more insights than this – although, hey, there are Jon Hamm and Even Susan Sarandon!but we can confirm: Turturro licks a bowling ball once again. It must count for something, right?

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