Joaquin Phoenix took the interview while promoting the Joker

Joker star Joaquin Phoenix came out of an interview The Telegraph to the question of whether the DC Comics-inspired film can perversely influence violence in real life. The film has already sparked controversy by focusing on the lonely mentally ill Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) – a failed comedian who falls further into madness when the Joker is unleashed in Gotham City as a criminal makeup artist – causing some to denigrate Joker as a potential trigger for imitators. Such as Variety noticed after the well-received premiere of the film at the Venice Film Festival, where Joker was celebrated with an eight-minute standing ovation, some online rumors fear that the film "sympathizes with a lonely murderer at a time when the American and the rest of the world are plagued by armed violence".

when Telegraph asked a similar question to Phoenix: ask the star if Joker could "end up perversely inspiring exactly the kind of people he is facing, with potentially tragic results" – Reportedly, Phoenix has left the interview, returning once the matter is resolved with a Warner Bros. representative.

Director Todd Phillips noted during the Venice Film Festival Joker was inspired by character studies mostly from the 70s, including Milos Forman Someone flew over the cuckoo's nest, Sidney Lumet Serpico and gritty as Martin Scorsese Taxi driver, wild bull is The king of comedy.

Phillips also said Joker it is not a political film.

"I think films are often mirrors of society, but they are never modellers," Phillips said. "So, even though the film is set in the late 70s, at the beginning of the 80s, we wrote in 2017. So inevitably, some themes make their way into movie that could exist now. And not everyone sees it, some people see it as a new interpretation of a Joker story. So you hate to define it for people, what it is, and it's certainly not a political film. I mean, for some people. It just depends on the goal you're looking at. "

Definitely, Joker it is largely a "lack of empathy", not politics. "This is the lack of empathy we were seeing in the world at the time we wrote, which probably still exists, this is certainly a great theme in the film," said Phillips.

In the same way, the director paid attention to managing the "realistic" violence of the winning film Joker an R score for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and short sexual images.

"It's all tone. I think one of a director's greatest works is whether you're the tone supplier, and this film has always been written and thought to be a slow burning, and I think violence is part of that slow burning "We have been very careful, I think, with this," explained Phillips from Venice. "Many people believe or think it will be a really violent film, but if you reduce it to the amount of people with whom (Arthur) has a problem, I think the reason strikes you differently – I mean, you can watch a movie like John Wick 3and c & # 39; a much higher quantity of violence. But I think it could affect you differently if we tried to paint it with a brush as realistically as possible. So when it comes, it almost feels like a punch in the stomach. But again, it was all just a balanced tone of tone. "

With Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy and Robert De Niro, Joker opens October 4th.

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