Jill and Jessa Duggar did not comment on the other Duggars traveling in California

Duggars have graced our TV screens for over a decade thanks to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar who brought their children into the realm of reality. And since they arrived, it seems that the Duggars never left. Now, thanks to TLC Counting up and on social media, we can see what families do when they are on TV and during the low season. And thanks to Instagram, we recently saw that the Duggars have made a trip to California.

Not everyone was present, of course, as it is difficult to involve everyone in the large family on board for a trip. But Jill and Jessa, two of Jim Bob and Michelle's most famous daughters, seemed to make no mention or comment on any of the California travel posts.

The Duggars have just taken a trip to California to visit the Jinger Duggar

We are willing to bet that we will see Duggar's recent trip to California Counting up. But until then, it was nice to see more posts from the Duggar Instagram family, as well as Jana and Jinger's Instagram that showed how the journey was.

"I am grateful that John David was able to fly to Arizona as part of our family to meet with others who are traveling! We all spent the day together enjoying the view of the Grand Canyon ”, the Duggar family published at the beginning of October. After that, Instagram itself posted photos from Phoenix, Arizona, from the American Girl Store in California and one from Jinger, Michelle and Josie.

Jana also added her photos of the trip. And Jinger also added some sweet photos of Jim Bob and Michelle with his daughter Felicity.

Jill and Jessa did not mention the trip

While the Duggars are in a great adventure, some key family members are missing out on the fun. Jill, who got married and actively looked after her two children, was noticeably absent from the trip. And also Jessa, who is holding a family with three children, was. Even Joy-Anna did not participate – but commented on this photo of Michelle and Jinger demonstrating that she wished she could make the trip. "You're all so cute !! I wish we could be there !!" he wrote.

Lauren Duggar, Josiah's wife, made her comment on a post by Jana that also sees the wife of Jana and John-David, Abbie. "Beautiful! I love you and miss you two! -Lauren", he wrote.

As for Jill and Jessa, it seems they haven't commented on any recent posts in California by any member of the Duggar family. Considering the frequency with which they comment on their family's posts (particularly Jill, who is known for her use of emoji), this seems strange.

Why are they not involved?

(L-R) Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Jill Duggar and Jana Duggar visit "Extra" | D Dipasupil / Getty Images for extras

There could be many reasons why Jessa and Jill did not participate in the journey in the first place. If the trip will be presented in the foreground a future episode of Counting up, it is unlikely that Jill could be placed in the foreground, as her husband's transphobic tweets removed them from the net. It also seems that Jill is quite busy with her life at home. He has published a photo showing that he is spending time with his mother-in-law and another that shows all his church friends in which he is surrounding himself.

As for Jessa, she was noticeably absent from Instagram – and even changed her Instagram profile picture to a picture of her husband. Occasionally he will post posts, comment on his family's posts and add photos or videos of herself to her Instagram story, but her lack of interaction with posts in California should come as no surprise.

There is a good chance that Jill or Jessa can go back and comment on California posts at some point in the future. Or maybe they will go and visit Jinger alone!

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