Intake of Probiotics is Needed to Maintain Mental Health during a Pandemic

Jakarta, – Not a few people are stressed about the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. Special intake is needed to always maintain mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic, namely the intake of probiotics.

The public does not know much about probiotic intake. Bacteria present in the human body affect a person’s psychological condition. This was revealed by Nungki Nilasari Suwardi, as the founder of the Indonesian Psychomicrobiome Study in a press statement on Thursday (14/1/2021).

“Our digestive tract only digests mechanically, such as chopping and grinding the food we eat, while to convert food into nutrients such as sugar, enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters, the body needs the help of bacteria,” said Nungki.

“And so far we think that microbes such as bacteria and viruses are dangerous creatures that must be eradicated because of the causes of various diseases. In fact, most microbes are very useful for helping humans, including producing food, such as bread, cheese, yogurt, tape. It is necessary to take probiotics. to maintain mental health in order to avoid stress, which could make bad bacteria enter quickly like the Covid-19 virus, “said Nungki.

He added, in general, bacteria have good and pathogenic characters. Good characters, for example bacteria convert tryptophan to the hormones serotonin and melatonin, two compounds that play an important role in happiness and the sleep cycle. But by pathogenic bacteria, tryptophan is converted into kynurenine, a compound that can trigger schizophrenia or serious mental disorders, Alzheimer’s, hepatitis and cancer.

“Because it is important to always keep our mindset positive, happy, optimistic, and grateful. Because it will help the body through good bacteria to produce beneficial substances that boost immunity, happy people find it difficult to fall sick, and that’s also the main medicine. when people who are infected recover quickly, “he added.

However, good bacteria in the body can be lost or turned into bad ones due to stress, poor diet and lifestyle, and consuming chemical drugs, especially antibiotics. And it turns out that the content of probiotics or good bacteria is in SW Sumber Sane Oil which is the pioneer of health balur oil with probiotic content in the world.

“Because it contains 100% herbal and probiotic ingredients, and smells like jasmine or jasmine, it is no wonder that there are many testimonies from SW Sumber Sane Oil users who say that this oil can calm, relieve insomnia, and make fussy children calm and easy to sleep, “he said again.

“They use this oil, apart from being smeared, it is also used as diffuser or aromatherapy and even drunk, because it is made of ingredients foodgrade so it is safe to drink. And the products themselves can be found in almost all drug stores and pharmacies in Indonesia which are expected to be able to increase the intake of good probiotics to maintain the mental health of people who are somewhat disturbed by the Covid-19 pandemic, “he said.



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