In this restaurant, all guests become a captain igloo

Feast in the igloo under the night sky and enjoy a warm fondue while it is uncomfortably cold outside. The Dresden Hotel Innside makes it possible.

Dresden – Feast in the igloo under the night sky. Enjoy a fondue in a cozy, warm place while it’s uncomfortably cold outside. It couldn’t be more romantic. In Corona-Times are not safer either!

Hotel director Florian Stühmer (44) invites you to a fondue in the igloo. © Steffen Füssel

The Dresden Hotel Innside near Melia (Salzgasse) makes it possible. It builds three heatable igloos made of transparent plastic in the inner courtyard.

From November 1st, two to seven people can enjoy a fondue with mulled wine at the finely laid table.

Fur on the armchairs, fairy lights, candles and Moravian stars make you forget the Corona frustration. Nobody has to pay attention to the minimum distance – the igloos provide safe shielding.

The fondue costs 45 euros per person and is available all winter (reservation: 0351/7 95 15 10 08).

TAG24 invites a family of four to a fondue (without drinks) in an igloo. To take part in the competition, you simply have to write an e-mail to the following address today with the keyword “Innside Iglu”:

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