"I think Van Halen is finished"

Last year, David Lee Roth suggested that Van Halen was ready for a return to playing in baseball stadiums in the United States and now the frontman has almost nailed the lid of the coffin on the band, saying "I think Van Halen is finished "in a recent interview.

Getting a clear answer from Diamond Dave is almost impossible with his affinity for cryptic, almost coded messages, suggestive truths and a sense of humor that sometimes feels like the only one in the world that "takes " alone.

"It has been canceled several times," Roth said at the WRIF "Meltdown" on Van Halen's tour of the summer 2019. "I think Van Halen is finished and this is the next phase," he continued, turning his attention to his recently announced resident of Las Vegas for next year.

Speaking of the current status of the legendary rock band, the singer divulged: "I inherited the band in fact – whatever that means. I think it means that if you inherit it, take it with pride. Van Halen won't come the way you know. And having said that, Eddie [Van Halen] has his story to tell. [Not] it's not my story. "

Roth will be at the House of Blues in Las Vegas in January and March of 2020, performing in a set of 26 career-spanning songs. Go here for more details.

Van Halen performed for the last time a show on October 4, 2015, as they closed the tour with back-to-back performances at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

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