How to build a library of books that your child will like

When they are heading into first grade, your child will probably already have some favorite picture books and may even be able to read some independently. But as they expand their repertoire and learn more visual words by heart, a leveled reading system can support their new early reading skills.

As a basic rule: good books for first-graders should have a mix of images and texts, not be too long and contain a good proportion of words that they can read alone. To simplify things, reading levels are typically assigned to children's books so you know which titles offer what. But understanding different reading systems can sometimes be a challenge.

The easiest program to understand is the books that have a school level that corresponds to your child's current grade at school. But you will still need to check with your child's teacher to see if he is reading at a lower or higher level in order to choose the best solutions. There are also numerous other leveled systems that often refer to individual publishing houses that require some deciphering. Most grade 1 students, however, will appreciate level 1 reading books.

First level reading level checklist

Level 1 reading books, which are sometimes also called early readers, emerging readers or reading books for beginners, have the following:

  • Fun and funny stories
  • Many simple sentences that children can start probing and reading themselves
  • Familiar words and phrases
  • Engaging characters
  • Vocabulary challenging enough to keep children interested

First level reading books We Love

Books at this level should give the child confidence in their aptitude for reading and extend their understanding of first-degree reading. And perhaps above all, they should keep their interest! Here are some of our favorite first grade reading level books that meet the criteria:

Non-fiction books of first grade

It is also a good idea to select some of the best non-fiction titles your child can read. Choose the subjects your child is interested in related to sport, science or their hobbies. Try these excellent information books:

First grade reading games

In addition to first grade reading books there are a number of online reading games that support early reading skills and an understanding of history. Some of them are available for free, while others require a paid app download or a subscription.

With the right books and games you can read every day with your child and inspire love for literature and education that will last a lifetime.

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