How does Mariska Hargitay escape the show?

Nowadays so many dark dramas are on TV and opens the door to examining how cast members escape the sad plots they face during the long months of the year. One of these shows is potentially letting the actors slip into a depression Law and order: SVU where stories of rapists and other sexual predators make us want to give up humanity.

At the base of all this is Mariska Hargitay, who has to face a considerable dramatic work when she faces screenplays. Like Lieutenant Olivia Benson, Hargitay now plays one of the most enduring characters in TV history, something we hope will continue indefinitely.

Because of the argument, however, Hargitay reportedly has a way to escape. It is a useful timetable for other actors if a disturbing show bleeds a little too much in their real life.

Hargitay tells the stories in "SVU& # 39; Very personal

Mariska Hargitay at a film festival
Mariska Hargitay | Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

In a recent interview with Parade, Hargitay makes it clear SVU continues to be a socially important show for so many women in real life. He says the series shows that you can heal from violent sexual attacks, including finding support from numerous sources and people.

To show how the show has become part of Hargitay's life, he started his foundation to help women find the support they need after a sexual crime has occurred. His organization is called Joyful Heart Foundation, now in existence for 15 years. Through this org, Hargitay sees the real life struggles that women have faced in dealing with cases SVU takes care of every week.

Acting in a show that you know that plots based on reality can easily start causing havoc on your mental health. The fact that Benson of Hargitay should be at the center of every case and sometimes do some very dark scenes, you can imagine how it is to go home at the end of the day.

Ironically, as Hargitay points out in his interview with Parade, he initially never thought SVU it would be a project for her. During the 90's, when he was still looking for a great break, he was aiming for more comedies.

Create his sanctuary in the studio for mental health reasons

C & # 39; s an admission by Hargitay in his interview with Parade to still find it difficult to manage the material SVU gifts to her and the spectators. We all know that they have predicted many future scenarios of sexual crime, including the Jeffrey Epstein case. While Hargitay has a great and happy family life (with her husband Peter Hermann and their children), working on the set can become a grueling mental challenge.

To counter this, according to reports, Hargitay has created its small sanctuary in Chelsea Studios in New York. In his private dressing room, Hargitay set up a serene sanctuary by putting up images of happy things in his life to relax.

During times when he can escape the set, this is where Hargitay goes in tune when he's not with his family. Collecting photos of her children, books she loves, as well as a photo of her Hollywood star Walk of Fame, places her in a more inspired state of mind.

Seeing her do this makes us wonder if other actors are doing the same thing as television dramas that continue to take on obscure themes that we see too often in the real world.

What are the other actors doing to escape their shows?

Just look around on TV and watch the actors do incredibly dark things in the shows The dead man walking on AMC a Euphoria on HBO. Interpreting gloomy characters with even more bland situations can easily ruin you mentally without some defined reinforcements to bring you back to a joyful life.

We don't know what those actors do to stay healthy or safe on set. We only hope that you happen to see the interview at Hargitay's Parade and take it to heart about what is needed to not take their work with them after hours.

In the case of Hargitay, it will probably still have a little more. SVU with her for the rest of her life thanks to her foundation and her personal involvement in it.

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