Hobbies. The earth delivers its treasures with Geolor

Geolor is above all a journey. Thanks to all the enthusiasts who make up the Thionville association, you go back in time and have been able, for nearly forty years, to discover fossils from the Carboniferous period, but also minerals from all over the world. Geolor is also a sharing of knowledge through exhibitions developed by volunteers. After the seashells last year, it’s time for volcanoes. Models allow you to familiarize yourself with these intriguing and disturbing spaces. A few dinosaurs complete the picture. And to continue the adventure, arm yourself with a shovel and a brush to search and even fish in order to find some hidden stones.

Workshops for children

For its 38th edition, which is being held this weekend in Thionville, at the multifunctional room of Veymerange, Geolor has planned everything. Stones are present and especially minerals of all colors and from multiple countries, jewelry, lamps … As a bonus, the visit is done in full compliance with health standards. Wearing a mask is compulsory, direction of movement and disinfectant wipes in the various workshops.

To complete the visit of the youngest, a raffle will allow them to leave for sure with a treasure. Without a doubt, with Geolor, over the years, the magic has not tarnished and collectors of all ages are asking for more. Roll on the 39th edition….

38th Geolor stock exchange this Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., route du Buchel in Thionville. Entrance 2 €. Wearing a mask is compulsory.

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