Happy Mondays publishes the video of the remastered track "The Egg" and announces the release of "The Early EPs"

Melon still twisting you …

Happy Mondays has announced a new video for the remastered version of "The Egg", one of the first tracks of the Manchester band. Have a look exclusively below on NME.com

Based on the band's upcoming "The Early EPs" collection, the new video is directed by renowned artist Pete Fowler and features cartoons from Bez, Shaun Ryder and others as they embark on a psychedelic journey by car.

The new "Early EPs" collection, meanwhile, brings together for the first time the first four EPs of the band from Madchester, namely "Forty Five" from 1985, "Freaky Dancin / The Egg" from 1986 and "Tart Tart" from 1987 and "24 Hour Party" People & # 39; (1987).

It is available from October 25th both in digital format and as a set of 4 × 12 ″ colored vinyl boxes. You can order it here.

Take a look at the entire tracklist below.

Forty-five PE:
A: Delicious (remastered)
B1: This Feeling (Remastered)
B2: Oasis (Remastered)

Freaky Dancin / The Egg EP:
A: Freaky Dancin (Live) (Remastered)
B1: The Egg (Mix) (Remastered)
B2: Freaky Dancin (Remastered)

EP tart:
A: Tart Tart (Remastered)
B1: Little Matchstick Owen (Remastered)

24 Hour Party People EP
A: 24 Hour Party People (Remastered)
B1: Yahoo (Remastered)
B2: Wah Wah (Think Tank) (Remastered)

At the end of this month, Happy Mondays will also participate in a tour of great hits, here you can find all the details.

In other Monday news, it was also confirmed at the start of this year that Jack O 'Connell will play Shaun Ryder in an upcoming biographical film.

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