Gemini Man Review – Not even two Will Smith could save him

What could be better than a movie starring Will Smith? A film starring Will Smiths. At least, this is what the director Ang Lee hopes the audience will think with his latest film, Gemini Man. The new thriller contrasts Will Smith with a completely CGI recreation of his younger self in a film that features some d & # scenes 39; truly impressive action. Unfortunately, in Gemini Man there is not much else.

Let us first forget it: Gemini Man is a technological marvel. Director Ang Lee and his team have managed to build a completely digital version of a young Will Smith to play against the oldest, and the results are surprising, for the most part. Watching one of the biggest movie stars on the planet fight against himself in some inspirational action sequences is a sight to behold.

The story fits the world of action movies of the years 90, while the retired assassin Henry Brogan (Smith) finds himself in the midst of a government conspiracy. Now, followed by someone who knows every move he makes before doing so, Brogan and the mysterious killer fight each other with fists, guns and motorcycles around the world before it is revealed that the man in search is, of course, a young man Brogan. This particular government conspiracy concerns the cloning and a genetically modified duplicate of the old murderer, referred to as Junior, who was trained to kill him.

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It's the kind of story that, if done correctly, could be very interesting to watch. Unfortunately, there is no depth for any of the characters. The most significant intuition of Brogan that the public will get is that he is afraid of drowning and a quick part where the assassin makes it clear that he is a 51-year-old virgin – and this is much more than what you will learn about the other characters.

This is because Gemini Man is not interested in history. Instead, for Lee, it's all about technology involved in making the film. In addition to creating the completely digital clone, the film was shot at a high frame rate with 3D vision in mind. The projection I attended was 120 frames per second, compared to the typical 24 FPS. The image was sharp, fast moving and, in many cases, beautiful to look at. The graphics were so clear that at one point the goose skin was visible on the back of a character's neck.

However, it is a disadvantage of this style of cinema. There are several times in the film where the camera has come uncomfortably close to whatever it was filming, whether it is a monologue of the character or an intense action sequence. In those moments, it's easy to get out of what happens on the screen because it doesn't seem natural. Instead, you get that disturbing effect seen on the new TVs with "motion smoothing" activated.

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It is also clear that video games have inspired Lee in creating Gemini Man. There are numerous driving and action sequences that take place from a first-person perspective, while an entire scene of an army of mercenaries feels like if it had been taken from a Call of Duty game. It's an interesting approach and these are moments when the high frame rate works exceptionally well in the film. After all, modern video games generally have a high FPS rate compared to movies. If only the rest of the film would fit equally naturally into what Lee was trying to accomplish.

At the end of the day, however, it is the story and the forgettable characters that prevent Gemini Man from being something special. Supporting casts like Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong are moderately funny as Brogan's helpers. But there is no character development for either of them, just like there is very little insight into what makes Clive Owen's evil Clay Varris beat.

Lee knew what he was doing with Gemini Man and proves it. It's a sizzling reel of film technology. This film aims to show the public how far the medium has come. From shooting at 120 FPS in 4K, to the digital construction of a clone of the star of the film to make them fight in a series of exaggerated action sequences, it is very surprising in Gemini Man. But the graphics can also verging on the mysterious, and Gemini Man has no history to support that action.

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