Eric Bischoff assures that Caín Velásquez is not cut out for wrestling

By Alex Murillo – POSTED ON 10/17/2020 AT 11:55 PM

On a recent episode of his podcast, 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff expressed his opinion on the Cain Velásquez’s departure from WWE. Bischoff commented that he was not surprised by the news since Velásquez it was not “made for sports entertainment”.

(* Transcript courtesy of 411mania)

“I think cAnyone would be excited about a fight between Cain Velásquez and Brock LesnarBut when you look back and see his fight with Brock… “Bischoff commented.”Unlike Tyson Fury, who was born to be a fighter although he turns out to be a great boxer, you didn’t feel like Cain was cut out for pro wrestling. You have the feeling that he was born to kick your ass and to be in the UFC. ”

I didn’t have that presence or character necessary for this. Cain didn’t have it and I was not surprised when they fired him“He said.” I would have been more surprised if they had kept him around, because I just don’t think he was mentally or emotionally cut out for sports entertainment. “

Former CEO of Smackdown spoke on the first episode of SmackDown on FOX, where Brock Lesnar derrotó a Kofi Kingston to be proclaimed WWE champion. Later, Cain Velázquez debuted in the company attacking Lesnar.

Eric Bischoff gave his take on the angle, calling it a great story, and claimed he made ‘The Beast’ look like a coward. Bischoff too expressed some disappointment at the physical form in which Caín Velásquez was at the time, but added that it didn’t affect the angle.

It was a very good story with a great contrast. If you look at the scene that preceded it, you got kofi being eaten alive in seven seconds, so you have all the heat and anger of the people. The public was angry with what happened to Kofi. But then you got a guy who gave Brock Lesnar a legit beating“Bischoff explained.” What I liked best about that was Brock’s reaction. That to me, that was the best and it made it all worthwhile. ”

“I questioned Cain’s physical condition when I saw him. I was a bit surprised and puzzled that he wasn’t in better shape, but the way brock and paul sold their reaction for it to work, it was great“, he assured.

It should be remembered that Cain Velásquez signed with WWE in fall 2019, before debuting on the first episode of SmackDown on FOX. The former UFC heavyweight champion faced Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel, for the WWE Championship. However, Velasquez ended up being fired in April.

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