Confinement. The government expands the support system for businesses

Administratively closed establishments are not the only ones to face the turbulence linked to Covid. This is also the case for hotels, which remain open, but whose turnover has collapsed, particularly in Paris as well as in certain tourist areas.

More broadly, all companies with fewer than fifty employees regardless of their activity, whose turnover has fallen by 50% will continue to benefit from aid of up to € 1,500.

A solidarity fund of 7 billion euros

Between March and October, the solidarity fund involved more than 1.7 million businesses at an estimated cost of 7 billion euros. According to the Ministry of the Economy, for the month of December, business support systems represent an estimated cost of 3.5 billion euros. Whatever the cost , said the President of the Republic. The bill is steep. But it aims to limit social damage.

For administratively closed companies

The Prime Minister wants fully cover the fixed costs of companies forced to close until January 20 . Whatever their size, all will benefit from a right of option between aid of up to € 10,000 or compensation corresponding to 20% of the monthly turnover achieved during the same period of the previous year. This solidarity fund is maintained until the reopening of these companies.

Tourism, events, sport and culture

Travel agencies, hotels, caterers … As soon as they lose 50% of turnover, all will benefit from assistance of 10,000 € or allowances of up to 15% of monthly turnover achieved during the same period last year.

For those who have lost more than 70% of their turnover, the compensation will increase to 20% of the turnover, under the same terms. For suppliers (wholesale trade, laundry), who have fewer than fifty employees, the aid scheme planned for November is maintained in December. As soon as the loss of turnover is at least 50%, the aid can go up to € 10,000, covering up to 80% of the loss observed.

All eligible small businesses

All companies with fewer than fifty employees, whatever their activity, whose turnover has fallen by 50% will continue to benefit from aid of up to € 1,500.

900 € for the most precarious

They alternate odd jobs, go on temporary contracts, work as seasonal workers in agriculture or in the mountains. These permittents (registered with Pôle emploi in reduced activity) are estimated at 400,000. According to Élisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor: 60% could not work enough in 2020 to recharge their rights. They too are paying the price for this crisis.

From 1is November, they will benefit from additional resources to allow them to wait 900 € per month in November, December, January and February. Other sources of income (allowances, minimum income, etc.) will therefore be taken into account.


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