Christmas photos as a couple: ideas, tips and tricks.

We are about to begin one of the most photographed times of the year: Christmas. During these dates we have several opportunities to take advantage of the spots that we find in various places, from your home, to public places such as squares or even parks.

All you need is your partner, your phone camera, some props, and all the Christmas spirit.


Every year there are families and couples who acquire the sweaters characteristic of this time. Whether they have the same or different ones, they can take advantage of them to have some photographs. Another good idea is to coordinate the Christmas pajamas. The classic colors are green, red, white and gold. The color purple It has been a color that has been seen in street style, so take advantage of it.


Use the lights as a main element in your photos. Either you remove the light guide from the tree or buy sparklers. Place the phone in a tripod to make it more comfortable. If you don’t have it, you can put your phone in a cup and arrange it according to how you want the photo.


You don’t need a photo studio to create your own back. You can buy garland, a shower of lights, strips of paper … well. There are many material options that you can use to make your photos look that much more. Place the back on a wall that has good natural light, the more light it can have, the better. Don’t forget to play with the background colors with the clothes they will wear. I recommend you use similar colors or those that contrast. They can use both options and then choose the ones they liked best.


The classic poses are very nice, but have you ever thought that a simple photo can be much more fun if they play with the poses? They don’t always have to go out hugging, holding hands, kissing, or even side by side. Play with the gestures and give your shooting a fun touch.


If you take a little trip and find a natural space, take advantage of it. But if not, you can go to a park that has christmas elements like a decorated tree, or look in a square with beautiful and very cheerful spots.


You can add different elements like: mugs with hot chocolate, a blanket, warm socks, pajamas, movies, in short, anything ad hoc is perfect to give context to the photographs. Play around with each other’s position and arrange it differently.


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