Best Movies for Girls | List of movies for Tween Sleepovers

The movies on this list of the best movies for girls have been rated by the community as the absolute best movies when it comes to movies that tweens will love during a sleepover. These films show strong female characters facing a crisis, learning from their mistakes and kicking their asses.

This list is one of the best films for girls, many of which were top cinema hits and received awards. The best films for girls often have a warm-hearted plot, a romantic theme, or a comedic element. Great movies for girls include many genres, from comedy to romance, to musicals and dramas.

This list contains the best girls movies, including My Girl, Dirty Dancing, Fat, Titanic, Mean Girls, Kit Kittredge, A Little Princess, Ladybug, and many more. Vote for the best movies for girls below or add one you think is great, but it's not on the list yet.

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