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List of the greatest directors of film history who most deserve the Oscar and critical recognition. The list includes directors who have already won major prizes that continue to have the potential to win Oscars and filmmakers who were overlooked by the Academy during their lifetime. The skills of a high-level director are enormous – from working with and managing large teams to strong aesthetic and artistic sensibilities, to the ability to sell ideas to studio managers and potential employees. Although many master the actual work of filmmaking, few have succeeded in creating truly memorable and important films that will stand the test of time.

Often the greatest of these filmmakers are not recognized by the Film Academy, especially in the most active and vital phase of their careers. As you know, Alfred Hitchcock never took home a statue for the best director, even though he is perhaps the icon of all film directors and certainly one of the most significant contributors to contemporary film language and the contemporary genre. Martin Scorsese eventually took home the best director for his work on "The Departed," but this movie was made long after the films that Scorsese will probably remember best – "Mean Streets," "Taxi Driver," Raging Bull "and so on.

Ignoring the quarrels about who won or will win in the past, this list focuses solely on the quality of the filmmaking and the importance of the films themselves. Vote for your favorite directors, and if some of your choices are not yet in the list, create your own version of the list and add it there!

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