Best black movies | List of the biggest African American films

The best black movies are favorites that deal with African-American culture and topics. This list is categorized by film fans, many of whom have been waiting for it and have seen good, realistic depictions of black people's lives in America. The best African American films often dominate the box office when they are released, and this is a list of the best black movies. What are the best black movies of all time? Some of these films may appear on other lists that may interest you, such as: the best comedies of all time, the best drama films, and the best action movies on Netflix. You can sort by actor and director, or click "Rescend" below to see a list of the best African American theme films.

This list of the best black movies shows classic African American comedies like Friday and Come to America, Sports movies like Love & Basketballand biographical films about black celebrities and leaders beam and Ali to Malcolm X., This list also contains great movies about slavery (both) root and Django Unchainedand films about black life in the south of the US throughout history Fame and A time to kill to The help, This and other critically acclaimed black films in the cinema are focused on African Americans and most have outperformed the test of time with the black crowd.

This includes everything from black comedy films of the 90s – mostly black-themed comedy and perspective – to black crime movies, famous gang films and action movies. For more interesting movie lists, see Ranker's lists of well-made films about slavery and movies about racism. Also check out these lists of the best black sitcoms, the best black romance movies and the best cities for African Americans.

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