"Batwoman" launches Gabriel Mann as Silence, Rachel Matthews as Filch

The anti-crime Batwoman dance card looks pretty full ahead of Sunday 6 October's premiere of the new Arrowverse.

In addition to Alice, the Big Bad for the season played by Birds of Prey alum Rachel Skarsten (watch the video Questions and answers below), TVLine confirmed two other casting casts for the superhero series starring Ruby Rose ("Elseworlds") as Kate Kane, aka Batham, Gotham's vigilante .

Seen above and below, Vengeance Gabriel Mann alum will be a guest star in episode 3 as Thomas "Tommy" Elliot, a childhood friend of Kate's cousin AWOL, Bruce Wayne, who grew up to become a real estate magnate which boasts a simple charm and a friendly smile. Yet Tommy – who in the tradition of the DC Comics adopts the Hush cloak – hosts a deadly flaw on his shoulder, which will put Kate's secret identity at risk.

Batwoman Gabriel Mann Hush

Also, Rachel Matthews (Good Death, Hulu is coming Looking for Alaska adaptation) will be the protagonist guest in episode 4 in the role of Magpie (pictured below), an extremely clever and skillful thief who, as his code name suggests, is attracted by shiny things and therefore has a propensity to plunder the rich. Oh, but Magpie did it bigger plans for those who take their wealth for granted.


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In teasing the type of thugs on tap for Batwoman – and if they were exaggerated in the typical Batman style – showrunner Caroline Dries said during the summer TCA press tour: "When you sign up for a show that takes place in Gotham, it's part of the fun. And in our Big Bad this year, (Alice) somehow represents all that Joker mentality in his madness. "

Note: on Fox Gotham, Magpie was played during the last season by Sarah Schenkkan, while Tommy appeared in the middle of season 1 (played by Cole Vallis) and twice during season 4 (played by Gordon Winarick).

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