Amy Duggar is more modest than her cousins ​​this way

Amy Duggar is the rebel of the Duggar family. She always wore pants, had lots of appointments and was openly declared about her desire to not have about a million children. Now married and pregnant, the famous cousin Duggar is settling into domestic life. The owner has updated the followers on her pregnancy for months, but it's something she won't share with her crowds of fans: the birth of her son.

Amy confirms that her son's birth won't do it
be filmed for Counting up

If you hoped to see Amy welcome her new son into the world Counting up you will probably be disappointed. The future mother informed her fans that the birth of her son will absolutely be a closed set.

Amy Duggar | NewsWire by Peter Kramer / NBC / NBC via Getty Images

Amy never left the camera. In fact, she and her husband appeared on Double bootcamp, and is happy to keep up with his fans on Instagram. Amy, however, has a line that she refuses to cross. The line for Amy seems to invite television audiences to the delivery room, unlike many of her famous cousins.

Because Amy Duggar does not have the
was your son's birth filmed?

Amy, never one to chop at, he said
her Instagram followers who she's happy to share her
journey of pregnancy
with his fans, he honestly doesn't believe anyone needs it
to see "all this". The "all" referred to is the process
to give birth to his first child.

Amy and her husband, Dillon King, eagerly await the birth of their first child together. Amy will arrive in the coming weeks and it seems that the couple is more than ready to meet their new addition.

While waiting for their new arrival, Amy was active on Instagram. Several weeks ago, the couple announced that they would name their son Daxton Ryan. While waiting for their new arrival, Amy was active on Instagram. More recently, Amy shared photos of her maternity photo shoot.

Which Duggars have had their birth experiences

Amy may not be thinking about letting a film crew watch her work and childbirth, but many members of her family have agreed perfectly. Michelle Duggar, the family matriarch, was, of course, the first Duggar to allow film crews to attend her work. Fans were invited to see the birth of Jackson, Johanna, Jennifer, Jordyn and Josie Duggar. In fact, the fans were together for the race while Duggar's youngest daughter, Josie, fought as micro-rewards.

Anna Duggar, who got married Joshua
back in 2008, it was the first next generation to allow it
work to film. Fans can remember that Anna delivered one of her children
the family bathroom. Jill
and Jessa Duggar
they were also more than happy to have the TV crew in theirs
houses while working with their children. Jill is the mother of two boys,
while Jessa is now a mother of three children.

Kendra Caldwell, who gave birth to her first child with Joseph Duggar exactly 9 months after their marriage, also allowed a film crew to film her experience. Kendra, unlike Jill and Jessa, opted for a hospital birth, second rompers. Jinger Duggar did the same, although most of his daughter's birth remained private. The film crews, however, were authorized in Jinger's hospital room while he worked.

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