8 of the best Readathon hacks to help you read other books

I am no stranger to reading a great deal in a short time. To get the best out of a readathon or a reading challenge, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I hope these hack readathon can help you achieve your goals!

Choose wisely

Choose your reading material wisely. If your goal is to read the pages, perhaps don't choose the book with over 800 pages or small characters. If you know you are flying through science fiction, but you read contemporary books more slowly, give your passion for science fiction. I know my reading speed is around 100 pages at a time, if I like to read. For reading challenges, I tend to choose books ranging from 350 to 500 pages.

Plan ahead

If you have a challenge you are facing with friends or on social media, it may be useful to plan reading ahead. First of all, I like to put books off my shelf, then evaluate how many books I should collect from the library to fill the gaps. Although I am not very strict about which books I read when, it is nice to have a general idea of ​​what I will read.

Take breaks

I like reading in 30 minute sessions. This may not be your style and that's fine. To avoid the appearance of the glazed donut, make sure you take occasional breaks to stretch, have a snack or a drink and maybe go for a short walk. Avoid the temptation to pick up the phone during reading breaks. Your eyes need rest! If you wear contacts, you may want to take them off earlier than normal if you read all day.

Limit caffeine

I know, bookworms love our teas and lattes and Instagram-worthy drinks, but drinking a ton of caffeine during a reading challenge can seriously affect sleep and make you feel nervous. Try to respect your normal caffeine levels while you enjoy some decaffeinated versions of your favorite beverages to accompany your reading.

Multiple books

If you're okay with more books at a time, try! I usually read a physical book, an ebook and listen to an audiobook during the same period. Take your ebook with you everywhere during your challenge, so when you find yourself in a few moments, you can read. The waiting rooms are the ideal place for ebooks. Listen to your audiobook in the car as you prepare dinner and finally fold the clean linen that has been sitting on the bed all week. During reading challenges, I usually give up other forms of entertainment in favor of books.

Laws in the wild

Get out of your normal habitat. If you always read at home, you may find that your mind wanders a little more during the readings. Fill a reusable water bottle and go to the park for an outdoor reading. Take a nap while you're at it.

Buddy Read

Work with some of your friends for a flash book club during your readathon. Start a group chat so you can share your opinions on the book of the day. You could have so much fun, you could decide to continue reading the companion with other books from your list of challenges.


Quite right! I said! Skim. The art of speed reading sometimes requires a bit of skimming. There are some things you don't have to read to understand a book. You can train yourself to skip qualifiers, parts of a dialogue and repetitive information. Don't tell anyone I told you to skim.

I hope these tips can help you with whatever your reading goal is, whether you have a big challenge planned or just want to advance quickly on your annual goals. Find more tips, tricks and book ideas in our readathon archives!

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