17 Oscar-winning films that skipped grave lapses in Logic

The Wizard of Oz is in second place on the list of 17 Oscar-winning films that have managed not to explain important things
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Oscars: Best original music score

The problem: Everyone loves The Wizard of Oz, But there are big problems when it comes to glossing over serious things that the audience wants to know. First, Glinda waits until the end of the film to tell Dorothy that she could have returned to Kansas with her ruby ​​slippers. Was she just using Judy Garland to kill her rivals? Or is this a case where the movie is not possible when Dorothy goes home? Talk about narrative convenience.

Second, how does Scarecrow talk when he has no brain? He sings a whole song about it and when Dorothy asks him how he can speak, he answers, "I do not know, but some people talk a lot and have no mind at all." This is a spectacular non-response for someone without a brain.

Later in the film, Scarecrow is awarded a diploma by The Wizard that is not the same as a brain, but a representation of the intellect that looks much less crude than a brain in a glass. This either means that the scarecrow had a brain all the time or that the whole thing is a poorly written metaphor.

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Better without explanation?

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