10 things ‘real’ friends never do

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A person’s belief system is often a direct reflection of the people they spend time with each day. To ensure a positive social environment for success is created, make sure that the people you trust the most don’t suffer from what your friends don’t actually do. Please refer to 10 things “real” friends never do !

1. Don’t talk behind your back

A friend who really knows how to separate himself from the fake stories about you. If someone deliberately spreads false information or shares the secrets you’ve ever asked them to keep, they probably don’t deserve your trust.

2. No offense, sarcasm in personal matters

A true friend will never put you in an awkward situation. They speak kindly to you, without using sarcastic or cruel words. They focus on the similarities rather than your extraordinary differences. They care about its quality, not its deficiencies.

3. Don’t start a pointless debate

A friend really knows where to stop, he knows how to argue and what humility. If you are falling into a pointless debate, behave well and respect your friends. Friends must be willing to accept a person’s nature, whether they agree or not. Each of us has friends who disagree with them (actually it should be, because things will be more diverse). But if you need to argue, respect others.

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4. Never interrupt you

A true friend will not be obsessed because he is not interested in your feelings. There cannot be a friendship of mutual respect when one person keeps talking while no one is listening.

5. Don’t stop you from pursuing goals

He is willing to give personal opinions if they feel that these things are good for his personal growth. They don’t do it in an arrogant or obnoxious way, but offer helpful, constructive, and inspiring advice to help you do better.

6. Don’t ignore your past

Friends don’t really care about your past, no matter what it is. If you are brave enough to reveal your hidden secrets, your true friend will think nothing of you. Instead, they will comfort and help you, expressing appreciation for your actions.

7. Do not abandon you in any case

A true friend will be smart enough to know that taking a friend to a party they don’t know and then letting him be alone is not considerate ( especially if that friend is a person lives internally ). He never let you go alone when he suddenly met his lover on the street. The 3 people will go out together happy, they will always find ways to drag you into the conversation so you don’t feel lonely and heartbroken.

8. Not jealous of your success

A true friend will not waste time envying the good things that come to you. They know they should be happy with the success of others instead of pouting and yelling. ” Why don’t they choose me? «. Take less regret and work harder.

9. Don’t judge or try to change who you are

A friend really understands that it is foolish to change someone when they are confused. A friend can really admit that he is not as perfect as his appearance, so he never asks for perfection from others. Therefore, it is absurd to expect something perfect from others. You may not be perfect, but you are good enough and don’t let anyone tell you that you should be different.

10. Don’t underestimate your friendship

Will Smith Having said: » If you are absent when I get stuck don’t expect to be present when I succeed «.

A true friend does not believe that friendship exists for a short time, he can put it aside when it has no value, but he always respects that relationship.

A true friend not only cares about mediocre pleasures like drinking, golfing, walking on the beach or joining dance clubs, but they are ready to help you in the most difficult period such as the pain of losing a loved one, losing a job, or breaking up in a relationship.

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Having fun!

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