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Rapper Andy Cartwright is dead: dismembered by his wife


Rapper Andy Cartwright is dead: he was dismembered by his wife in his St. Petersburg apartment. The musician was 29 years old

Rapper Andy Cartwright dies: he was dismembered by his wife (Photo: Facebook)

A heinous news story comes from Russia and concerns the death of rapper Andy Cartwright. Aleksandr Yushko, this is the real name of the thirty year old musician, was dismembered by his wife, Marina Kukha, in his apartment in St.Pietroburgo. Not only that, his organs were put in the washing machine to be “cleaned” before ending up straight in the refrigerator.

According to some Russian sources, too the mother of the Kukha she would have been involved in the horrible gesture.

The version shared by the woman is profoundly different. The 36-year-old said she used a knife, a hacksaw and a plastic bowl for divide the parts of the husband’s body and store it in black plastic bags in the refrigerator, for a specific reason. The man would die from a drug overdose, and her partner didn’t want fans to know about her drug addiction problems.

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Rapper Andy Cartwright is dead: his wife has dismembered and torn to pieces in the refrigerator

Rapper Andy Cartwright dies: he was dismembered by his wife (Photo: Getty)

Russian police have opened an investigation into the death of the Ukrainian-born rapper and decided to test his wife for truth.

The widow, through her lawyer, he said that Andy Cartwright had become an addict during the coronavirus pandemic, reducing to a very bad state. Just the last overdose would have been fatal.

Friends of the musician, But, have denied this version of the facts, bringing attention back to Ms. Kukha’s responsibilities.

In addition, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda claimed that no drugs were found on the rapper’s body.

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Viral The Sad Story Of A Radio Broadcaster Who Broadcast The Death Of His Own Mother


Jakarta, Insertlive

Craig Huggins shocked his listeners after he suddenly delivered sad news related to his mother who died due to infection with the corona virus.

Launching from News.Au, Craig Huggins broadcast the news through radio broadcasts Gold 104.3 di Melbourne, Australia.

“Through Gold 104.3, I always feel that I and you have a relationship to talk to each other and I want to tell you that I have finished broadcasting and will go home. But, sadly I just received news that my mother Joyce just died because of the corona virus. need to call me, I know you also grieve for me and your family, “he said on Tuesday (7/28).

Craig also said the reason for broadcasting the sad news through live broadcasts on his radio.

“I say this sad news because I ask you to be aware of this corona virus. Wear a mask, keep your distance and take care of each of you,” he explained, saying he would take a break from his radio broadcast.

Previously, on Monday (7/27), Craig said that his mother’s condition had worsened after being infected with the corona virus.

“I’ve been broadcasting since the beginning of Gold 104.3 there and I always tell stories It’s a matter of grief “My life includes the birth of my children, my wife who has cancer and others,” he said.

Craig’s sad story became viral after the official radio account owned by 104.3 Melbourne Gold wrote his story on the Twitter page.

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OM: the Ajroudi clan precise and tackle Eyraud!


Candidate for the acquisition of Olympique de Marseille, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi announced on Wednesday that he has just submitted his “last offer” to the club owner, Frank McCourt, who has 10 working days to respond (see the 14:36 ​​news). While the Franco-Tunisian businessman has not communicated the exact amount of his proposal, his lawyer Marc Deschenaux has provided some details on this subject.

“If the amount is not in the press release, it is also because the offer is a formula. There are things that can vary in a company. There is no precise figure, because we do not know all the details of the debt. (…) It is a formula, it does not come with a figure that will thrill the crowds “, explained the lawyer in the program L’Equipe du Soir.

In the viewfinder of Deschenaux: the president of OM, Jacques-Henri Eyraud, accused of lacking transparency to save his head. “In the case that interests us, we see that there are debts. (…) It is not that we want to hide the amount, it is that we do not have complete and transparent information Some information is not transmitted to you, not because the person is not a salesperson, but because people who are in conflict of interest are trying to maintain their position, “Deschenaux tackled. Words that will not improve relations between the two parties …

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Meanwhile in F1 | Imitating Lando Norris is going horribly wrong for Moto3 rider


Between all the important news you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. Don’t worry, F1 will keep you informed in the ‘Meanwhile in …’ section of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1.

Imitating Lando Norris is going horribly wrong for Moto3 rider

Moto3 rider Celestino Vietti probably thinks longer next time before spraying champagne on the podium. Lando Norris shone on the podium after the Austrian Grand Prix by opening his champagne bottle in a special way and that inspired Vietti, who also wanted to do that on the podium after the Moto3 race at Jerez. However, his champagne bottle broke into pieces. The result: Vietti was injured in his hand and needed 22 stitches.

Change tires for Max Verstappen? Which can!

Red Bull has released a new game where you can virtually change the tires of Max Verstappen’s F1 car. But if you are good enough in the game and you set the fastest time in the competition, you can try it in real life.

Looking back at the crazy rain race in Hungary

With a few days left to wait for the British Grand Prix on the well-known Silverstone circuit, Formula 1 looks back on the Grand Prix of Hungary 2014. A heavy downpour gives us a chaotic race with many spins and crashes.

Ziggo Sport denies Robert Doornbos Formula 1 career

Robert Doornbos has a total of eleven Formula 1 races to his name, spread over two periods at Minardi and Red Bull Racing in 2005 and 2006. This weekend marks exactly fifteen years since the Ziggo Sport analyst made his debut during the German Grand Prix of 2005, but that seems to his table companions in the Formula 1 Coffee to deny. “You’re a bunch of cunts,” he jokes.

Horner wonders, “Is this horsepower or tractor power?”

Christian Horner enjoys his free weekend by pulling the tractor out of the shed and touring it. Horner also refers to Formula 1 on his Instagram by asking: ‘Is this horsepower or tractor power?’. The red tractor soon generates a link to Ferrari, but that aside.

First teams arrive for Grand Prix of Great Britain

Where the drivers are currently enjoying a short break, the first teams have already arrived in Great Britain. At the Silverstone circuit, the drivers are waiting for a double-header. After that, the teams will have to pack quickly, because then the F1 spectacle will move to Barcelona. These are busy days for the teams and drivers.

‘Dubious Rich Energy makes offer for football club’

A striking message from William Storey, CEO of Rich Energy. The energy drink producer was one of the major lenders at Haas in early 2019, but that marriage ended in a soap of unprecedented size. In the meantime, Storey seems to seek refuge in another sport, because he reports via Twitter that has made an offer for football club Sunderland. The question remains to what extent the offer can be taken seriously.

Grosjean takes his rest on Greek island

Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean makes good use of the short break between the Grands Prix of Hungary and Great Britain. The Frenchman and his wife are currently in a resort in Greece to soak up the sun before Grosjean heads back to Silverstone.

Hamilton uses dog Roscoe during a workout

Obviously, Lewis Hamilton loves dogs. He usually has his four-legged friends with him, even during race weekends. But it doesn’t stop there. When the Brit goes into the gym, he can also use his friend well.

Hamilton grabs the mountain bike

Lewis Hamilton has decided to put the period between the Grand Prix of Hungary and the Grand Prix of Great Britain to good use. The Brit took the road bike and decided to ride through a mountain landscape to maintain his condition.

Kravitz about the parking lot of the F1 drivers

Will Formula 1 drivers get a company car? Ted Kravitz has found the answer to this question in the most recent edition of The Notebook. The jolly Brit takes a look at the parking lot of the Formula 1 drivers and comes across some very nice ones.

Vettel and Leclerc play pictionary

It is not yet clear who is the best on the track this season. The men are also exciting outside the circuit. In the next game of pictionary, the Ferrari drivers head for victory.

Verstappen receives a souvenir from broken RB16

After Max Verstappen put his Red Bull in the barriers, prior to the Grand Prix of Hungary, his engineers managed to fix the car at a rapid pace. After his well-earned P2, Verstappen received a souvenir from his engineers, they have saved a broken part for him.

“You can make a chain out of it,” suggested one of his engineers. “Yes, but I would rather not be reminded of it,” said Verstappen wittily when he heard the suggestion.

“But I don’t speak French at all!”

It took a while when Johnny Herbert Williams driver Nicholas Latifi wanted to ask a few questions. The British tried to distract the Canadian by asking if he could say something in French. Annoying, since there is only a limited part in Canada which is purely French-speaking. Latifi was therefore unable to meet his request. Ai!


Ocon drifts through the last corner of GP Hungary

Esteban Ocon closes the Grand Prix of Hungary in style: he almost loses his car in the last corner, but makes it a kind of drift action. Fortunately, he keeps his car whole and crosses the finish line.

Have you already checked F1Maximaal’s Instagram page?

Future Ferrari drivers in battle

In Hungary, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc met on the track. With a brilliant catch-up action, Sainz dived on the inside of corner one next to Leclerc. Who will pull the longest end at Ferrari next year?

Mercedes jokes about showing Rosberg

Former Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg was seen briefly during the Grand Prix of Hungary. Not on the track, but on a video image next to the asphalt. The German racing stable wanted to piss their 2016 champion on Twitter.

Garmin Services Return After Long Outage Due To Cyber ​​Attack


The company first admitted that the outage was caused by a cyber attack who encrypted some of [ses] systems, without explicitly mentioning whether it was a ransomware attack. Company staff yet reported this information on social media last week.

The outage affected the company’s website as well as its Garmin Connect application, which is used, among other things, to record data collected by Garmin smartwatches during training.

The Garmin Pilot mobile application, used by airplane pilots to plan their flights, was also inaccessible, as was the flyGarmin service, which allows the installation of aeronautical databases. Garmin call centers were also affected.

Affected systems are in the process of being restored and we expect a return to normal in the coming days.Garmin said in a statement.

The company claims that the people behind the cyberattack did not have access to the personal or financial information of its customers.

A ransom would have been paid

If Garmin refuses to classify the incident as a ransomware attack, Sky News reported Tuesday morning that the company paid a ransom to gain access to systems and files held hostage.

According to Sky News, who cites anonymous cybersecurity sources familiar with the matter, Garmin fell victim to WastedLocker, a ransomware developed by Russian hacker group Evil Corp.

Evil Corp was the target of US government sanctions last December after two of its directors were accused of stealing confidential government documents. These sanctions prohibit anyone residing in the United States from transacting with the group.

Garmin would therefore have circumvented this ban by passing the payment through a third party, which would still violate the sanctions, according to Sky News.

Garmin did not respond to our interview requests. The company simply mentioned to Sky News that she was not commenting rumors and speculation.

Garmin hit by major failure, ransomware attack allegedly involved

The tourist dollar advanced and closed near $ 99


At Banco Nación, the ticket -without the PAÍS tax- closed without variations a $75,75, while on the electronic channel it was possible to a $75,70.

For his part, in the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), the currency increased to 18 cents to $ 72.08, in line with the value set for this day by the BCRA.

The highs, recorded at $ 72.08, coincided as always with the selling stance established by the monetary authority, remaining unchanged throughout the session. Supply and demand alternated dominance throughout the day, maintaining a precarious balance that was broken in the last section of the wheel, in which demand for coverage prevailed.

Official sales fueled authorized purchase orders with no counterpart of genuine revenue, and held prices at today’s highs until close of business.

During the round, there was a lower offer by the grain exporters, so the BCRA sold about $ 30 million, according to ABC Mercados de Cambio.

For his part, Gustavo Quintana, from PR Corredores de Cambio, explained that “in the first round of the week, the last one in July, the monetary authority adjusted the wholesale exchange rate again, compensating the days without activity for the weekend, a fact that has been repeated for several periods. “

“Prices always remained alienated within the official regulatory range in a scenario that showed somewhat more toned demand that justified official activity in the market,” he added.

The exchange swaps totaled $ 29 million to take and / or place funds in pesos using the buying and selling of dollars for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Stock dollar

The Dollars Financials repeated the behavior on Friday and rose again, leaving behind the downward trend they had shown over the past week, in a context of gains for local assets due to positive expectations regarding debt restructuring.

The dollar CCL -which arises from the purchase and sale of bonds or shares on the stock exchange- increased 50 cents (0.4%) this Monday to $ 117.98, so the spread with the wholesale price advanced to 63.8%.

With more force, the MEP dollar, or Stock Market -similar operation to that of the CCL but within the country- climbed $ 1.10 to $ 115.67, leaving a gap of 60.5% against the currency listed on the MULC.

The economist Gustavo Ber highlighted that “between comings and goings the ‘gaps’ continue to transit, as reflected in the financial dollars locked in a narrow ‘trading’ range, while the operators monitor the demand and supply of foreign currency, as well as the strong monetary issue , at a time when concerns about the loss of reserves are growing recently. “

Dollar blue

After touching its historical maximum, the blue dollar fell $ 3 this Monday to $ 136, according to a survey by Ámbito en cuevas del Microcentro porte.

It was the first drop in more than three weeks of the parallel, after reaching an intraday peak of $ 140 last Friday.

Thus, the gap with the wholesale dollar decreased to 88.7% after touching 95% on Friday, and reaching a maximum of 104% in mid-May.

The parallel ticket, which had practically remained unchanged in the first fortnight of July, woke up 10 days ago, before blockades of bank accounts in dollars for “unusual movements”, carried out by “digital collectors”, who then used the informal market to carry out the “pure” (buy in the official and sell in the parallel taking advantage of the existing exchange gap).

Since the quarantine started, the blue accumulates a hike of $ 50.50 (from $ 85.50 on March 20), product, among other causes, of greater restrictions to operate, not only in the Single Market and Free of Exchange, but also for operations with the CCL dollar and the MEP.

Dollar in the world

Contrary to the Argentine peso, Latin American currencies advanced favored by a global pullback for the dollar, with investors anticipating the US Federal Reserve meeting this week.

He The dollar fell 0.7% against a basket of currencies, after hitting its lowest level since September 2018 overnight., due to concerns about the growing number of coronavirus cases in the United States.

The weakness of the dollar “is mainly due to the expectation that the Federal Reserve will maintain a highly accommodative stance due to the resurgence of coronavirus cases and the stagnation of the labor market,” said Gabriela Siller, director of analysis at Baco Base.

In the region, the Mexican peso closed with a gain of 1.2% while the Brazilian real appreciated 0.9%.

In the same vein, the Colombian peso gained 0.5% after three sessions with devaluations, the Chilean climbed 0.9% and the Peruvian sol rose 0.4%.


In the ROFEX futures market, US $ 291 million were traded. The short terms remained unchanged and some increases from September to December and decreases from January. July ended with a rate of 29.12% and August at 36.46% TNA. Year-end rose to $ 86.21 with a TNA of 45.57%. The positions of open contracts totaled the sum of US $ 4,439 million.


On Friday, the BCRA’s Gross International Reserves rose $ 13 million to close the day at $ 43,363 million. In this way, after a week with oscillations, they ended at the same level as that registered last Friday.


[Sport] Saint-Denis FC – AS Capricorne (3-2): Acceleration pays off


The SDFC continues a second success after being led by a Capricorn who lowered his foot in the second half.

Dominique Veilex twists his eyelids in spite. Not so ugly 0-0 obtained against the Tampon, which reflected a beautiful defensive base but a glaring lack in front of the goal, his team will have made the opposite copy, yesterday, with efficiency, but a great defensive feverishness. With, on arrival, a negative difference. “We showed our technical limits”, summarizes the Ravine coach. Physical limits too, surely, if we are to believe the second period when everything fell apart for the visitors when they were leading 2-1.
Quentin Boesso had opened the mark with a beautiful inspiration, a series of chest hits from thirty meters which lobbed Nicolas Chateau (0-1, 4th), diminished by his still painful ankle and which would also give way to Gaël Alamèle at the pause. Saint-Denis, deprived of Yoann Guichard and Joé Damour, had equalized by Grégory Dijoux with the head, on a free kick from Jonathan Alpou (1-1, 22nd). Yapi Mambo, on the lookout for a free kick, had restored the advantage (1-2, 26th).

Bacary-Assoumani, brothers in arms

“The first half was interesting, tactically, we were in place, it was after we retreated too much and lost our ball retention,” Veilex analyzes. Mambo’s injury exit would free the Dionysian hinge from a weight while the decline of Yohan Lauret and Jimmy Devallet in the midfield axis, would allow the SDFC to have total control of operations. Toufeily Bacary, who was already the most prominent in the first period (7th, 8th, 10th) was going to be able to take his ease in the depth. One of his overflows on the left side, punctuated by a cross for his brother, Mohamed Assoumani, brought the balance up to date (2-2, 50th). Assoumani, unhappy during the first 45 minutes, would definitively sign his redemption by being in ambush of a balloon returned by Azaraf Barège, also entered the cages at the break following the release of Tony Pétard, victim of a crutch ( 3-2, 66e).
Capricorn, whose changes will have brought nothing, was going to have a start by Jimmy Devallet but Alamèle saved his own on the action and the corner that followed (69th).
“It’s this kind of match that you have to succeed,” said Fred Bachelier, the Dionysian coach. Mentally, it’s not bad, we played on a field other than ours, we are behind, and we was able to tighten up the group, leave less space and continue to seek speed. “
Beating the promoted entry and a good Capricorn team, the start of the championship is good in Saint-Denis. Even better than Saint-Pierre.

Anthony Robinson


▷ POL-OF: Press report police headquarters Southeast Hesse from Sunday, July 26th, 2020


26.07.2020 – 08:24

Police headquarters in Southeast Hesse – Offenbach

Offenbach (ots)

Main-Kinzig area

House fire – Hammersbach

Yesterday evening, around 8:19 p.m., a bungalow in the Wechmarer Ring caught fire for reasons that have not yet been clarified. First of all, a wooden shelf next to the house wall burned. This fire spread to the roof truss, which quickly burned and burned down completely. According to initial estimates, the damage to the building is around 200,000 euros. All residents were able to escape from the house in time so that no one was injured. The criminal investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. The volunteer fire departments from Hammersbach, Limeshain and Langenselbold were used to fight the fire.

Traffic accident between car and motorcycle – Jossgrund

On Saturday afternoon (July 25th) there was a serious traffic accident in the Jossgrund district on the L 3197. A 79-year-old car driver from Schluechtern was driving towards Burgjoss at 2:15 p.m. At the beginning of a right-hand bend, the 79-year-old came with his Opel Zafira to the left into the oncoming lane and touched the left wing mirror of an oncoming motorcycle. The 63-year-old cyclist from Alzenau was no longer able to stabilize his motorcycle, lurched and fell in the ditch. With suspected multiple fractures, he was transported to a nearby hospital. The motorcycle (BMW) suffered property damage amounting to around 15,000 euros, and only the driver’s side mirror was damaged on the car.

Offenbach area and motorway police:

   - keine Beiträge - 

Offenbach am Main, July 26, 2020, Michael Schöfer, police leader on duty

Questions to:

Police headquarters in southeastern Hesse
Geleitsstrasse 124, 63067 Offenbach
Police officer on duty (PvD)

Phone: 069-80 98-0
Fax: 069-80 98-2307
E-Mail: [email protected]

Original content from: Police Headquarters Southeast Hesse – Offenbach, transmitted by news aktuell


San Juan: Sardines at 15 euros and sardines in the Plaza Elíptica de A Coruña | Radio Coruña | Today for Today A Coruña


From the first hour it has been a non-stop selling sardines. Victor, from Víctor Fish, took a hundred kilos that he had finished at twelve noon. He sold them for 15 euros a kilo. The medianillo has gone to six euros. In the Elliptical Square of The Rosales Verbena cannot be maintained each year, but residents have begun to process individual permits to place grills throughout the area. There is no place left in the Elliptical Square.

500 people will gather where last year there were 3,000

Last week they held a meeting with the mayor so that grills with a meter high above the ground or on sand were held in that space and throughout the neighborhood. The Plaza Elíptica will be filled in an orderly manner with groups of twenty people without live music but otherwise.

From the neighborhood association they point out that a party will be held in style. “The elliptical square is going to be full of people, in an orderly, parceled way, without live music, with groups of 20 people, although everything we have been doing for other years is not going to be able to be done,” said Javier Gárate.

Atypical St. John

The beaches close at 9:00 p.m., there will be no bonfires, not even in the neighborhoods, in an atypical San Xoan. The Council has enabled a special emergency device which will be launched from mid-afternoon to control the sandbanks. They exceed 300, they are about 40 more than yesterday, the statements responsible for the use of grills, last year reached 800

The mayor, Inés Rey, ask for caution, avoid crowds and always wear a mask. It calls for responsibility. “We cannot forget that the virus continues,” A Coruña said in Hoy por Hoy. “We can infect ourselves and endanger others, so we must take extreme precautions, avoiding crowds and avoiding risky situations,” he added.

The councilor for the environment Esther Fontán points out that the Council will distribute containers to collect the waste from the barbecue. He calls for the coals to be put out well and calls for individual responsibility: “When someone makes a grill or whatever, please make sure you put the embers out well, we will have more containers, it will be picked up and cleaned like every night on St. Juan with the peculiarity that the beach will not have to be cleaned. “

The Council will launch a special cleaning device, this year with less intensity on the beaches, which, we remember again, will not be accessible.

The beaches are also closed in Oleiros, Miño or Arteixo and Sada. In the latter town, the City Council has denied permits for hospitality venues to grill or sardine in public spaces. In Oak, where they can be held on private properties, with a time limit until 3.30 in the morning, but it will be prohibited in public spaces and on beaches, according to the regulations made public by the consistory.

In them, the prohibition to carry out the traditional parochial, community or neighborhood bonfires “in public spaces or on private or community land, capable of being used by an indeterminate group of people” is recalled.

IC doctor Gommers is shocked by Germans during a holiday in Zeeland: ‘From now on I will put a mouth mask in my pocket’ – AD.nl

  1. IC doctor Gommers is shocked by Germans during a holiday in Zeeland: ‘From now on I will put a mask in my pocket’ AD.nl
  2. Gommers is shocked during holiday in Zeeland: ‘Germans are not well aware of our corona rules’ Omroep Zeeland
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